EBay Find – Chinese “Bootleg” NECA TMNT Figures

For those who haven’t seen this already, there seems to be a Chinese seller on eBay selling what appears to be bootlegs of the famous NECA TMNT action figures. They come with their weapons and in the cylinder packages and look enough like the actual NECA TMNT figures, but the two things that make me think that they’re bootlegs is they all have different colored headbands, and they’re only $24.99 apiece. But I’ve seen a lot of people say the bootlegs are good quality, so if you still want the NECA TMNT figures for your collection and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get the original NECA releases, this might be an option so just CLICK HERE to buy them. If anyone has these already, let me know how they are. I have the original NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, but I might want to buy some extras, possibly for customizing purposes.

5 thoughts on “EBay Find – Chinese “Bootleg” NECA TMNT Figures

  1. There is a YouTube video comparing the original release with whatever these are…the paint apps are a little different with occasional slop and inconsistency, the ankle joints don’t sit as flush, and the headbands and bellies are a hard plastic as opposed to the rubbery material in the original releases.

    The conclusion seems to be that they’re worth it for the lower price; my only problem was the rigid bellies on the copies hinders articulation a bit, particularly the ab crunch and the hips to a small extent. I was lucky enough to score a loose set of the originals for a half decent price.

      • I actually ordered one because I needed a set of replacement sai. The sai are indistinguishable from the originals. As for the figure:

        1. Glossy as opposed to matte paint on the shell; had a tacky, sticky feel. Very strong cheap vinyl odour.

        2. Poor glue; the carapace (rear shell) fell off; more poor QC as it was missing a knee pad.

        3. Colours more saturated with blue tones, mismatch of colours between head and neck.

        4. Very loose leg joints, floppy. Ankles weren’t fit tight, leaving gaps.

        5. Torso joint was a (useless) swivel instead of “ab crunch” joint.

        6. The belly was actually soft, although the ones seen in the YouTube video were rigid.

        Conclusion: very, very poor copies, quality-wise. No idea as to origin but dodgy as hell. I did appreciate being able to replace the missing sai on my original, though…and if you’re into customizing you could probably fix some of the problems.

  2. just thought i’d add…

    i got my sets in yesterday…got them off amazon, actually ($75 + $20 shipping). the headbands are the cartoon colors, the skin tone is a bit more of an intense green, and the back shells have a slight blue-green color to them. other than that, i have a hard time telling them apart from all of my original neca turtles. the paint is clean and well applied, all the joints are tight but still retaining a full range of motion, the weapons are not gummy, and the shells are soft.

    well worth the money, if you are looking for some extras for customizing.

    • Sounds like you got a better batch than the one copy I got. Do the torsos on your copies have swivel or crunch joints?

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