New Custom Action Figure – Captain America, Avengers Infinity War (I’m Back!)

Hey guys. I know it’s been a long time since I updated the site. I promise you I haven’t gone anywhere though. I’ve been steadily working the past year and a half on various commissions, I just haven’t had time to update the site. But I’m planning on changing that and slowly start updating regularly again. And with that I bring you my latest custom action figure, Captain America based on his look in Avengers Infinity War as The Nomad! I had to carefully study the trailer frame by frame to get this right. I also made a custom pair of “Vibranium Wakanda Battle Shields” for him to wear on his forearms. These are based on the shields he’s wearing at the end of the trailer. Cap is up on eBay right now, so if you’re interested in owning this custom, just CLICK HERE to bid. Also be sure to check out the full page for Captain America so you can read the entire description on how he was made. And be sure to check out the Youtube Video for exclusive WIP photos. I’ll see you guys later, and I promise it won’t take a year and a half haha.


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