Information About John Harmon from Mint Condition Customs

Hello there! My name is John Harmon and allow me to welcome you to Mint Condition Customs. This site is here to showcase my custom action figures. But what is customizing? Customizing is the art of taking an action figure and making it different. It involves swapping out parts, painting, and sculpting to either improve upon the existing figure or turn it into a completely different character. A custom is a one of a kid piece of art, but I always make sure that my customs can be played with and posed as well. I make it my business to help people fill gaps in their collections where the toy companies have not.

I’ve been a professional artist and customizer for many years. I got my start in customizing by making Marvel Movie customs to fill out my collection. I’ve been tinkering and altering my toys ever since I was a kid, but sometime around 2007 is when I really got into full fledged customizing, and got the idea to do it professionally.

Feel free to look around, and if you’re in need of a custom, then you’re in luck! I take commissions full time. I also offer a service of action figure repair if you are in need. Also, don’t forget to check out my action figure and toy reviews on the main page!

You can also find me and my work on various other toy related websites and forums. I’ve been featured prominently on Toy News International multiple times, and have had several interviews done about me and my work.

So there you go. Just a little bit about me and what I do. If you’re interested in starting to customize figures, and have questions feel free to send me an email and I’ll always answer every question I get. Enjoy your stay here at Mint Condition Customs.

– John