FALCON PUNCH! Captain Falcon Custom Action Figure

I told you I wasn’t going anywhere this time! I’m back with my latest custom. This one is based on Captain Falcon from F-Zero in his alternate black suit as he appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. I also made a FALCON PUNCH energy effect accessory completely sculpted out of hot glue! Be sure to visit the gallery page for the full photo set and description on how Captain Falcon was made, and you can check out the Youtube video for this custom action figure to see some exclusive Work In Progress photos and see the process!

Captain Falcon Super Smash Bros Melee Video Game Custom Action Figure


New Custom Action Figure – Captain America, Avengers Infinity War (I’m Back!)

Hey guys. I know it’s been a long time since I updated the site. I promise you I haven’t gone anywhere though. I’ve been steadily working the past year and a half on various commissions, I just haven’t had time to update the site. But I’m planning on changing that and slowly start updating regularly again. And with that I bring you my latest custom action figure, Captain America based on his look in Avengers Infinity War as The Nomad! I had to carefully study the trailer frame by frame to get this right. I also made a custom pair of “Vibranium Wakanda Battle Shields” for him to wear on his forearms. These are based on the shields he’s wearing at the end of the trailer. Cap is up on eBay right now, so if you’re interested in owning this custom, just CLICK HERE to bid. Also be sure to check out the full page for Captain America so you can read the entire description on how he was made. And be sure to check out the Youtube Video for exclusive WIP photos. I’ll see you guys later, and I promise it won’t take a year and a half haha.


New Custom Figures – Armored Batman with Light Up Eyes and Movie Repaint Batman!

Hey everyone. Now that Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is here, I wanted to celebrate with some customs! I bring you two this week. The first is a repainted DC Comics Multiverse Batman v Superman Batman. He’s been repainted head to toe to be more realistic and movie accurate, had the weird cowl texture sanded down, given a new fabric cape, and I’ve given him a grapnel gun, and a movie accurate batarang I made out of styrene. The second is Armored Batman with light up eyes!. With some customizing magic, I added an LED inside the figure so Armored Batman’s eyes light up in that awesome intimidating way like in the movie. Not only that, but this one has also been fully repainted to look more realistic, and he’s got a fabric cape, and I even made him a Kryptonite spear, like the one he uses in the film. I’m really proud of how I was able to fit the wiring, switch, and battery compartment in the figure.

Be sure to check out the pages for each custom to see lots more pics, and read up on how they were made. Also, the Youtube videos for my Batman and Armored Batman custom figures have exclusive WIP photos! The Batman and Armored Batman customs are also up for auction on eBay this week. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, click the pictures below to take you to the corresponding auction page. Thanks for looking!


ACBA of the Day – Introduce A Little Anarchy by Scarrviper

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Introduce A Little Anarchy by Scarrviper

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