ACBA of the Day – Naturom Demonto by Scarrviper

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ACBA of the Day - Naturom Demonto by Scarrviper

What is Articulated Comic Book Art?
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Custom Action Figure – Wedding Avengers (Groom & Groomsmen Gifts)

Hey everyone. I know, I know, it’s definitely different from my usual custom action figure subject matter. However, when I was contacted by a groom to be, wanting his friends’ likenesses put on Avengers bodies as a gift for being in his wedding, I couldn’t resist. I loved the sentimentality, and it was nice doing something different. Not only that, but some time after, I was contacted by one of the former groomsmen who wanted to get the groom his own Avengers custom action figure, with him as Nick Fury! Again, I couldn’t resist. It made sense to complete the set, as it were. If nothing else, this project certainly helped me hone my hair sculpting skills. If you want to check out the full photo gallery, complete with a full description on how each custom was made, CLICK HERE or the photo below. And be sure to check out the Youtube video I made for these, which has exclusive WIP (work in progress) photos! And if this is your first time here, do check out the Custom Action Figure Archive, where you can see every single custom action figure I’ve made up to this point. Thanks for looking, and remember that Mint Condition Customs is where toys become Interactive Art!


Amazon Find – Action Figure Muzzle Flash Effects

While perusing Amazon, I came across a really cool find, some muzzle flash effects for action figures. We action figure collectors are always looking for ways to spice up our displays, and these look perfect. The full name is M.S.G modeling Support Goods Effect Parts 01 Muzzle Flash Effect. You can get them and basically attach them to any action figure gun you want. The set even includes some anime metallic shine effects you can put on the ends of some swords or on your some robots. They seem perfect for both action figure collectors, and customizers. I can see myself buying up quite a few muzzle flash effects for some future customs. If you want to purchase your own action figure muzzle flash effects, just CLICK HERE. I hope this helps some collectors out there.

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Mint Condition Customs’ Pick: MP-20 MASTERPIECE WHEELJACK

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Tutorial – Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast Chest and Gun Backpack Fix

Hey everyone! Got a brand new custom action figure tutorial for you. People have (rightfully) had complaints about the flaws of the new MOTUC Rio Blast figure. My new video tutorial shows you how to fix him so his chest flap closes all the way, his gun backpack sits correctly on his shoulders (so the visor covers Rio Blast’s eyes) and his leg chaps sit a bit closer to his thighs. Just click here to go to the full page with a written out detailed description. You can also watch the video below. If you know someone having frustration with the Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast, send them the link to the video. And if this is your first time here at Mint Condition Customs, check out the Custom Action Figure Archive. It’s full of every single custom action figure I’ve made up to this point. Mint Condition Customs is where toys are turned into “Interactive Art”!