Custom Action Figure – Batman Arkham Origins w/ Shock Gloves & Thor the Dark World w/ Poseable Cape!

Hey there! This week’s new customs are a Marvel/DC twofer. Up first is a new custom Batman Arkham Origins figure, complete with video game accurate battle damage and equipped with Electrocutioner Shock Gloves! And then I have a Marvel Select Thor the Dark World custom action figure complete with a wire poseable cloth cape! Click each picture below to see the corresponding page to view the full gallery and detailed description for each custom figure. And don’t forget to view the videos I made for both Arkham Origins Batman and Thor to see exclusive WIP photos and more! And if this is your first time here, check out the Custom Action Figure Archive so you can view every single custom action figure I’ve made up to this point. Here at Mint Condition Customs, toys become Interactive Art!

Custom Action Figure – Wedding Avengers (Groom & Groomsmen Gifts)

Hey everyone. I know, I know, it’s definitely different from my usual custom action figure subject matter. However, when I was contacted by a groom to be, wanting his friends’ likenesses put on Avengers bodies as a gift for being in his wedding, I couldn’t resist. I loved the sentimentality, and it was nice doing something different. Not only that, but some time after, I was contacted by one of the former groomsmen who wanted to get the groom his own Avengers custom action figure, with him as Nick Fury! Again, I couldn’t resist. It made sense to complete the set, as it were. If nothing else, this project certainly helped me hone my hair sculpting skills. If you want to check out the full photo gallery, complete with a full description on how each custom was made, CLICK HERE or the photo below. And be sure to check out the Youtube video I made for these, which has exclusive WIP (work in progress) photos! And if this is your first time here, do check out the Custom Action Figure Archive, where you can see every single custom action figure I’ve made up to this point. Thanks for looking, and remember that Mint Condition Customs is where toys become Interactive Art!


Custom Action Figure – Ultraman (DC Movie Concept)

Hey everyone! This week’s new custom action figure is a movie concept Ultraman, leader of the Crime Syndicate of America, as if he were to appear in the current DC Cinematic Universe. Just click the photo below to see the full gallery page, complete with a detailed description on the process of making him. Also be sure to watch the video I made for this Ultraman custom action figure to see some exclusive WIP (work in progress) shots! And if you’re new here, visit my Custom Action Figure Archive to go through every single custom action figure I’ve made. I’ll see you next week with some new custom action figures. Thanks for looking.


Ultraman (Movie Concept) 6" DC Universe Custom Action Figure

New Custom Figures – Doomstroke and Justice Lords Batman (Movie Concept)

Hey everyone. Back again with some new custom action figures. This week I bring you some DC Comics goodness. First up, I have a movie concept Justice Lords Batman figure, complete with a Nolan inspired fabric cape! And I also have one that many of you may not even know about, Doomstroke! Doomstroke is an amalgam of Doomsday and Deathstroke that appeared briefly in the Superman/Batman story “Night and Day”, which largely took place in a universe where a bunch of DC characters were amalgamated into one another. I love mashups like that, so I couldn’t resist. Just click on each photo below to take you to the fully custom gallery. Also be sure to check out the videos I made for my custom Justice Lords Batman and custom Doomstroke to see some exclusive WIP (work in progress) photos! Thanks for looking.



New Custom Figures – Dean Winchester and Castiel from Supernatural

Hey everyone! For this week’s new custom action figure, I have two for you: Dean Winchester, and Castiel the Fallen Angel from the television show Supernatural. Castiel is a custom I meant to post a while back, but completely forgot about it! So I decided to go ahead and post him with Dean. Both were made made to be completely accurate to the show. With Dean Winchester, the head actually came from a shrunken down mold of a custom sculpted 1/6 scale Dean head. I also made both of the Colt pistols from the show for Dean. Click each picture below to go to the full photo set for each custom. Also, don’t forget to check out the short Youtube vidoes I made for Dean Winchester and Castiel. It’s something I plan to do more of, showcasing my work on Youtube as well. Thanks for taking a look!


New Custom Figures – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 Movie Accurate)

I managed to get these finished just in time for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out this week. After being underwhelmed by the official Playmates figures, I decided to take them and fully repaint them, including adding every little character detail to them that I could. I even repainted their weapons, adding chains to Mikey’s. I had to go through a ton of movie images and trailer stills, but I’m pretty confident I got them to be fully movie accurate. This set is also currently for auction on eBay for anyone who might be interested in owning them. Click the picture below to check out the full gallery (there are a ton of photos) and detailed description on how I made the Ninja Turtles fully movie accurate. COWABUNGA!



And check out the short video I made, showcasing my custom 2014 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures!

New Custom Figures – Kenner Style Aliens Drake, SNES AVP Bat Alien

Hey everyone. I’m back with more new customizing goodness for you. I bring two new customs from one of my favorite franchises ever, Aliens. I have a custom Bat Alien designed after the character from the SNES Alien Vs. Predator game from the early 90’s, repainted with a more traditional Xenomorph color scheme (props to Jin Saotome for the recipe). I also have a custom of the Colonial Marine Smart Gun operator Drake! He’s based off of the look of the old 90’s Kenner action figure. You might remember a while back when I did a custom updating the design of the Kenner Sgt. Apone figure. Well, Drake is a continuation of that series. And yes, I definitely plan to update more. Just click on the pictures below to lead you to the corresponding page, where you can read the full descriptions for how I made the Bat Alien and Drake customs, as well as view the entire gallery of pictures. Until next time!


New Custom Figure – Agent Phil Coulson, Avengers Movie Style

Hey everyone! I have a brand new custom for your viewing pleasure. You know the past couple of weeks I’ve been on a Movie Marvel kick with Falcon and Winter Soldier, and today is no different. I never liked that Agent Coulson never got the Marvel Legends treatment, so I decided to do my own. I used a shrunken down cast of the Hot Toys Coulson figure to ensure the likeness would be as perfect as possible to actor Clark Gregg. I gave the figure a ton of accessories, including his Destroyer Gun that he used against Loki in The Avengers. Be sure to check out the full photo set and description at the official page for the Coulson custom. And Coulson here is currently for auction on eBay for anyone interested. If you know someone who you think might want a one-of-a-kind custom action figure in their collection, feel free to pass the link along. Thanks for taking a look everybody.


New Custom Figure – Aliens Vs. Predator Tequila Colonial Marine!

I know it had mixed reactions, but I love the 2010 Aliens Vs. Predator video game. One of my favorite characters in the game was Corporal Teresa “Tequila” Aquila. She was smart, strong, and wasn’t afraid to tackle with some xenos. I love the character, and I love the idea of expanding the ranks, so I just had to customize her. I pored over several screenshots of the Tequila character from the Aliens Vs. Predator video game to make sure I got this custom down as accurately as possible. Be sure to check out the official page for Tequila to see the full photo set as well as a detailed description of how it was made. Also, this custom is currently for auction on eBay. Feel free to bid if you’re interested in filling out your NECA Colonial Marines. If you know someone who might be, then please pass the link along. Thanks for looking!


New Custom – Night Fighter Robocop with Gun Arm for Robocop Week!

Hey everyone. Regardless of what you may think of the Robocop reboot coming out to theaters today, there’s no denying that it’s bringing a lot of deserved attention back to the original film. It’s one of my absolute all time favorite movies, and I wanted to celebrate Robocop Week here on Mint Condition Customs the best way I know how: by making a custom figure of course! So here I present Night Fighter Robocop! I’ve gone through and taken the NECA Night Fighter Robocop, and modified it to look much more like the vintage Night Fighter Robocop from the Robocop and the Ultra Police toy line by Kenner, complete with an interchangeable minigun arm! And just because this is Robocop Week doesn’t mean I won’t do more Robocop customs in the future. Be sure to check out the official page for this custom to see the full photo set and description for how it was made. This custom Night Fighter Robocop is also currently for sale on eBay. If you want, just click the picture below to take you to the auction. If you know someone who might be interested, feel free to pass the link along to them. Thanks for looking!