Custom Action Figure Commissions Information - Any Character, Existing or Original. Any Scale. Any Style

**Commission jobs are accepted at the discretion of John Harmon only.**

Tired of Waiting for a certain action figure to hit the shelves? Tired of hearing about a figure you’ve been waiting forever for get pushed back, or even cancelled before production? Well wait not more! Now all you have to do it contact me! I’m currently accepting commissions full time. I can do anything from a simple repaint, to a full on sculpting job and I can make any character you want, from any universe even if it’s an original concept. I can even sculpt to match a specific art style, and I

All you have to do is send me an email with your name, the figure you want made, and some reference photos or detailed descriptions. And you do have to be detailed with the description. You can’t just say “Wolverine”. With as many styles as Wolverine has been done in, I need detail (i.e. First Appearance Wolverine, Movie Wolverine, Berserker Wolverine, etc.).

After you’ve sent the email, we will work out all the details, such as price, base figures to be used, reference shots, and time of completion. I like to send out updates about once a week to let you know how the progress is coming on your custom, complete with WIP (work in progress) photos. If something happens that causes me to take longer than I initially anticipated, you will be informed. Communication is key for me, and I always keep you up to date on the progress of your custom.

Just send the email to with the subject “commission request”. This way, I won’t skip over it by accident.

***Please Note: Due to the sheer number of emails I get through the week, it may take me a while to respond. Rest assured, I’m not ignoring your email, but if you feel it takes too long feel free to send the email again. I will get to it. Thank you.***