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My Custom Action Figure archive is arranged in alphabetical order. Click a category below to jump to it on this page. Click on a name to view the cooresponding page.

Marvel Comics and Movie Custom Action Figures: TOP

Agent Phil Coulson (Movie Style)

Amazing Spider-Man 2 (With Magnetic Feet)

Amazing Spider-Man (Movie Style Repaint with Magnetic Feet)

Angel, Age of Apocalypse Style

Angel, X3 Movie

Apocalypse, Movie Concept

Apocalypse, Movie Concept Version 2

Apocalypse, Movie Concept Marvel Icons

Banshee, Age of Apocalypse Style

Beast, X-Men First Class

Binary (Ms. Marvel)

Blade Trinity

Bushwacker, Movie Concept

Cable (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2)

Captain America (Nomad), Avengers Infinity War Style

Captain America, Movie Concept

Charles Xavier (X-Men First Class Movie Style)

Doc Ock, Movie

Falcon (Movie Style)

Hannibal King, Movie

Hannibal King Version 2, Movie

Hellcat (Defenders)

Ironclad (U-Foes) 3 3/4″

Iron Man Mark 3, Movie

Iron Man Prototype, Movie

Jocasta (Avengers)

Kraven the Hunter, Movie Concept

Lilandra Neramani

Logan/Wolverine (X-Men Movie Style)

Magneto (X-Men First Class Movie Style

Mephisto, Movie

Moondragon (Avengers)

Mr. Sinister, Age of Apocalypse Style

Nick Fury, Movie

Nick Fury, Movie V.2

Nightcrawler Mighty Mugg

Phoenix, Age of Apocalypse Style

Professor X, Movie

Punisher the, Movie

Quicksilver, Age of Apocalypse Style

Red Skull, Movie

Russian the, Movie


Silver Surfer, Movie

Storm, Age of Apocalypse Style

Thor the Dark World W/ Cloth Poseable Cape

Vapor (U-Foes) 3 3/4″

Vector (U-Foes) 3 3/4″

Venom (Classic) w/ 3 Alternate Heads

Venom, Eddie Brock (Super posable w/ multiple attachments)

Venom (Flash Thompson Version)

Wade Wilson, X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Winter Soldier (Movie Style)

Whiplash MK 2 Armor 3 3/4 Inch, Iron Man 2

X-Ray (U-Foes) 3 3/4″

Yoshicrawler (X-Men/Mario Bros Mash-Up)

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DC Comics
Action Figure Displays
Prop Replicas
G.I. Joe
Aliens VS Predator
Video Game
Adult Swim
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Wedding Cake Toppers & Gifts

DC Universe and Movie Custom Action Figures: TOP

Alfred Pennyworth

BrainI.A.C., Smallville

Batman (1989 Movie Style)

Batman (Batman v Superman Movie Style)

Batman, Armored w/ LED Light Up Eyes (Batman v Superman Movie Style)

Batman (Animated Series Style)

Batman, Arkham Origins (w/ Added Articulation)

Batman Arkham Origins (Battle Damaged W/ Shock Gloves)

Batman (Modern Comics)

Batman, Dark Knight Movie

Batman, Justice Lords (Movie Concept)

Bruce Wayne (Arkham City)

Comedian, Watchmen Movie

Commissioner Gordon (DCUC Style)

Deadshot (Arkham City Influenced)

Deadshot (Gotham Knight)

Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)

Doomstroke (Doomsday/Deathstroke Amalgam)

Flash (CW TV Series Season 2) w/ Added Articulation

Flash (1990 TV Series Style)

Green Lantern & Hal Jordan, Movie Masters

Joker (Arkham Asylum) w/ Added Articulation

Joker, Cesar Romero (1966 Batman TV Show)

Joker, Dark Knight Movie

Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen Movie

Dr. Manhattan V.2, Watchmen Movie

Niteowl, Watchmen Movie

Nightwing (New 52)

Nightwing, Dark Knight Rises Movie Concept

Ozymandias, Watchmen Movie

Penguin (B&W Tuxedo)

Ra’s Al Ghul (Classic)

Ra’s Al Ghul (League of Shadows Movie Style)

Red Hood (Jason Todd)

Robin (Teen Titans/Young Justice Amalgam)

Rorschach, Watchmen Movie

Scarecrow, Dark Knight Movie

Silk Spectre, Watchmen Movie

The Spirit, Comic Accurate Movie Figure

Superman Man of Steel Classic Style Repaint w/ Heat Vision Blasts

Superman (Justice Lords) Man of Steel Movie Concept

Superman The Movie (Christopher Reeve Likeness)

Two-Face, Dark Knight Movie

Ultraman (Movie Concept)

Walter Kovacs, Watchmen Movie

Wonder Twins w/ Gleek (3 3/4″ Scale)

Custom Action Figure Displays and Display Pieces: TOP

Bat Signal (Classic Comic Style)

Custom Life Sized Prop Replicas: TOP

Liu Kang Light-Up Fireball (Mortal Kombat)

Scorpion Spear and Posable Chain (Mortal Kombat)

Sub-Zero Light-Up Ice Ball (Mortal Kombat)

Amalgam Custom Action Figures: TOP

Darth Knight (Batman/Darth Vader Amalgam)

Darth Knight Version 2.0 (Batman/Star Wars Amalgam)

G.I. Joe and other 3 3/4″ Custom Action Figures TOP

Cobra Commander, Rise of Cobra

Cobra Commander w/ Removable Mask, Pursuit of Cobra

Deep Six, Rise of Cobra Movie Concept

Dial Tone (25th Anniversary Style)

James Bond (Daniel Craig)

Neo Viper Officer (Metallic Orange)

Rene Belloq (Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Roadblock, Rise of Cobra Movie Concept

Snake Eyes, Rise of Cobra Movie Concept

Space Viper, Rise of Cobra Movie Concept

Space Neo Viper (Version 2), Rise of Cobra Movie Concept

Storm Shadow, Rise of Cobra Movie Concept

Storm Shadow, White Business Suit Movie Style

Zartan, Rise of Cobra Movie

He-Man Classics Masters of the Universe Custom Action Figures: TOP

Eye-Lash MOTUC (Original character by Joe Martin)

He-Man (200x)

Skeletor (200x)

Aliens VS Predator Custom Action Figures: TOP

Custom Aliens Sgt. Apone (Kenner Style)

Custom Bat Alien Xenomorph (SNES Alien VS. Predator Video Game)

Custom Bull Alien Xenomorph (Kenner Style)

Custom Chestburster Mutant (Aliens Arcade Game)

Custom Aliens Drake (Kenner Style)

Custom Predator Armor Dutch Schaefer (Movie Concept)

Custom Teresa “Tequila” Aquila (2010 AVP Video Game)

RoboCop Custom Action Figures: TOP

RoboCop (Night Fighter Remake)

Ghostbusters Custom Action Figures: TOP

Containment Unit w/ Lights and Sounds

Janine Melnitz in Ghostbusters Uniform, Movie Style

Janine Melnitz in Ghostbusters Uniform, Version 2

Janine Melnitz, Ghostbusters 2 Style

Louis Tully w/ Bus Driver Slimer, Ghostbusters 2 Style

Retro Action Real Ghostbusters w/ Custom Proton Streams

Movie Based Custom Action Figures: TOP

Freddy Krueger 2010, Super Poseable

Matrix, The: Agent Smith

Matrix, Reloaded: Neo

Television Based Custom Action Figures: TOP

Castiel the Fallen Angel, Supernatural

Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Video Game Based Custom Action Figures: TOP

Akuma (Street Fighter 4)

Captain Falcon, Super Smash Bros Melee Style

Contra Arcade Game Mad Dog and Scorpion (Movie Concepts)

Duke Nukem

Dante’s Inferno “Heaven Dante” Concept

Raiden w/Lightning Blast Attachments, Mortal Kombat 9

Scorpion w/Alternate Flame Head, Mortal Kombat 9

Sub-Zero w/Ice Blast Attachment, Mortal Kombat 9

Adult Swim Custom Action Figures: TOP

Venture Bros., The: Brock “Murderfly” Samson

Transformers Custom Action Figures: TOP

Galvatron – War For Cybertron

Shockwave (DOTM) w/Light-Up Eye and Triple Change Feature

Springer (Triple Changer), Transformers Generations

T-B.U.G., Original Transformers/Terminator Crossover Concept

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Custom Action Figures: TOP

Super Shredder (Movie Style)

The Shredder (Nickelodeon TMNT)

TMNT Repaints Set (2012 Nickelodeon Series)

TMNT 2014 Movie Accurate Repaint Set

Thundercats Custom Action Figures: TOP

Mumm-Ra w/ Light Up Eyes

Miscellaneous Custom Action Figures: TOP

Aurelio Voltaire (Gothic Folk Singer)

Ian Glover Vampire Hunter (Based on the Webcomic Series)

Rudolph the Reindeer (Original Concept by Daniel O’Brien)

Scott Pilgrim in Plumtree T-Shirt

Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen

Wedding Cake Toppers and Gifts Custom Action Figures: TOP

John and Sarah Harmon (That’s Me and my Wife!)

The Wedding Avengers (Groom & Groomsmen Gifts w/ Their Likenesses)

Anime Custom Action Figures: TOP

Ashram the Black Knight, Record of Lodoss War

Original Custom Action Figures: TOP

The Nameless P.I.