Figure Repairs

Action Figure Repairs by John Harmon, Mint Condition Customs

Ever have a rare action figure fall off of a shelf and break? Too expensive to have it replaced? Well look no further!
In addition to customizing action figures, I also specialize in action figure repair.

I utilize a number of techniques to repair figures, from using screws as replacement pegs, to using metal pins, and I can even restore a figure by reattaching a broken piece, and then sculpting over the break to make it look as if it never broke at all.

I’m called the “Toy Doctor”, because of the several techniques I use. If you need an action figure repaired, just contact me and I’ll help. My rates for figure repair are very low. All you would have to do is send me the figure to repair, I work on it, and only when it is finished and I take photos for you to see the repair do you send me the money. Then, I ship it back to you priority mail, and you have your favorite action figure back to normal.

Just email at with the subject “figure repair”. This way, I won’t skip over it by accident.



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