Predator Armor Dutch Schaefer (Movie Concept) NECA Custom Action Figure

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The design for Predator Armor Dutch was inspired by a mix of the old Kenner toys, and my desire to see Dutch show up again in another Predator movie. I thought it would have been cool to see Dutch hunting Predators for the U.S. government. Imagine if Schwarzennegger was in the Predators movie, but in the Laurence Fishburne role of Nolan! That would have been awesome. Predator Armor Dutch is made using a NECA Jungle Encounter Dutch, and a NECA Predator, of course. I stripped off all the armor and weapons from the Predator, and basically attached them to Dutch. I used the two pack Dutch, which was all bloodied, so I had to completely repaint him to clean him up. I had to do some major dremeling to the Predator wrist gauntlets, and to Dutch’s forearms, to get them to slip on. I had to dremel some of Dutch’s side to get the armor to fit right as well. I glued all the armor down, and even attached a net launcher from a NECA Predator 2 figure. So now that Dutch is utilizing all the weapons and armor of his greatest enemy, he’s ready to hunt down every last Predator that makes its way to Earth!

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