Ra’s Al Ghul League of Shadows (Movie Style) DC Universe 6″ Custom Action Figure

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I always wanted Mattel to make a proper Ra’s Al Ghul Batman Begins figure, but since that never happened, here I bring you Ra’s Al Ghul in full League of Shadows ninja gear! Ra’s al Ghul was made using a Star Wars the Black Series Episode 3 Obi-Wan Kenobi, the head from a Movie Masters Ra’s Al Ghul, and the forearms from a Movie Masters Batman Begins Batman. I fused the Batman Begins forearms to the Obi-Wan arms, and used Aves Apoxie Sculpt to blend and fill in the gaps. I also added plating to the back of the hands (including the rivets!) with styrene. The lower cloak was replaced with fabric. The belt is made using two strips of styrene, with the belt buckle being fodder that happened to be perfectly movie accurate. Everything was repainted several shades of dark brown to match the movie, with the gauntlets dry brushed lightly for a metallic look. The head was also completely repainted, and I even sculpted in to cover that weird open mouth gap he had before. One katana later and League of Shadows Ra’s Al Ghul is ready to take down Batman and do all that is necessary to cleanse the world of corruption!

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