ACBA of the Day – Happy Back to the Future Day! by Baptiste

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Back to the Future Marty McFly & Doc Brown Minimates by Baptiste

What is Articulated Comic Book Art?
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News – Back to the Future LEGO Set Coming in 2013

LEGO Back to the Future SetThat’s right, there is a Back to the Future LEGO set coming. It started on the LEGO Cuusoo website. It’s basically a site where you can create your own custom LEGO project, and if you get enough supporters, it can be made into a set and you can receive royalties. The LEGO Back to the Future set is now becoming a reality after reaching the mandatory 10,000 supporters, getting the green light from LEGO, and securing the licensing rights. The set is scheduled to be released in mid 2013 and will come with enough bricks to build the DeLorean time machine into the version from any of the three movies. What’s really cool is the folks who designed this set are donating the royalties they receive directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. See, now if you don’t buy this set, you’re hurting people. Way to go, jerk.

Check out all the photos of this set after the jump.

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News – Update on the Back to the Future 2 Hoverboard Replica by Mattel

Mattel Back to the Future Hoverboard Prop ReplicaYesterday Mattel sent out an update to affiliate sites regarding their Back to the Future 2 Hoverboard prop replica. The hoverboard will feature the ability to glide over most floors and will feature electronics giving it the sound it makes in the movie. It will be available for preorder from March 1st – March 20th 2012. The price will be $120 and you get an free exclusive incentive if you preorder.

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