News – NECA Rambo 2 & Bioshock Infinite Booker DeWitt Now Available!

NECA Toys now has a slew of new goodies available through their eBay and Amazon stores. These are due to hit retailers soon, but if you just can’t wait then I’ve provided the links here below. Included is the highly anticipated Rambo: First Blood Part II figure, with Rambo in his most iconic look. There’s also the long awaited Bioshock Infinite Booker DeWitt, the 8″ Retro Scream Ghostface, and new Batman and Joker full size Scalers! Just click the links below to go to your preferred site if you want to pick any of these up. For more info on any of these NECA products, just click here.

New Custom Figures – Doomstroke and Justice Lords Batman (Movie Concept)

Hey everyone. Back again with some new custom action figures. This week I bring you some DC Comics goodness. First up, I have a movie concept Justice Lords Batman figure, complete with a Nolan inspired fabric cape! And I also have one that many of you may not even know about, Doomstroke! Doomstroke is an amalgam of Doomsday and Deathstroke that appeared briefly in the Superman/Batman story “Night and Day”, which largely took place in a universe where a bunch of DC characters were amalgamated into one another. I love mashups like that, so I couldn’t resist. Just click on each photo below to take you to the fully custom gallery. Also be sure to check out the videos I made for my custom Justice Lords Batman and custom Doomstroke to see some exclusive WIP (work in progress) photos! Thanks for looking.



Custom Justice Lords Batman (Movie Concept) 6″ DC Universe Action Figure – Created September 5th, 2014

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Don’t forget to check out the video I made for this custom Justice Lords Batman near the bottom of the page to see some exclusive WIP (work in progress) photos!

I’ve already done a movie concept custom Man of Steel version of a Justice Lords Superman, so hey, why not do a movie concept Justice Lords Batman? This custom is made using the Man of Steel General Zod for the body, the forearms, feet, and belt from a Movie Masters Batman Begins, and the hands, shoulder pads, and head from a Movie Masters Dark Knight Batman. The new Justice Lords Batman emblem is cut from styrene, as is the piping around it. I also added some styrene to widen the boot tops. The cape is fabric and cut in the shape of the Nolan Batman cape. I went out and tracked down the best fabric weight for a figure in this scale, and made my own pattern. It can wrap over Justice Lords Batman’s shoulders, and be tucked behind them as well. I also made it long enough that when it’s pulled in front, all the cape tips are drooped on the floor all around him, in typical Batman fashion. A little bit of paint later, and Justice Lords Batman is ready to join Superman in keeping the public “safe”, Orwell style.

Custom Justice Lords Batman (Movie Concept) 6" DC Universe Action FigureCustom Justice Lords Batman (Movie Concept) 6" DC Universe Action FigureCustom Justice Lords Batman (Movie Concept) 6" DC Universe Action Figure