News – DC Universe Classics Doomsday Unleashed Will Be…You Get the Idea

For those who haven’t heard by now, Mattel announced on their Facebook page the other day that the once thought dead DC Universe Classics Doomsday Unleashed figure in fact being released towards the end of this year. This came on the heels of some leaked packaged photos of the Doomsday Unleashed figure that Mattel wrote off as old packaged samples that the fans were never supposed to see. Apparently this was some misdirection until the official announcement, which is stirring some controversy amongst collectors. Many are feeling cheated for “having to buy” the Containment Suit Doomsday figure, thinking it would be the only one ever made. Me personally, I would have bought that version regardless, because when it comes to DC (especially DC Universe Classics), I’m all in, and I couldn’t be more excited about Doomsday Unleashed.

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News – Damian Wayne Robin Added to 2014 Club Infinite Earths!

Mattel just revealed on their Mattycollector Facebook page that the canceled Damian Wayne Robin figure would be in the 2014 Club Infinite Earths subscription for the DC Universe Signature Collection! This figure was originally slated for a retail release in the Batman Unlimited line, but both Batman Unlimited and DC Unlimited have been cancelled, and with them some figures that fans were looking forward to. Damian Wayne was revealed earlier this year to much fan excitement, but when it was cancelled a lot of fans immediately started asking Mattel to include him in the subscription for the 2014 Club Infinite Earths. Well it looks like those people got their wish, because it’s happening.

To sign up for the 2014 Club Infinite Earths and keep the Mattel DC action figures coming, just CLICK HERE! You’re only charged for the sub exclusive figure and that’s it! Sign up period ends Monday!

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News – DC Universe Signature Collection Club Infinite Earths Doomsday Preview Video

The DC Universe Signature Collection is set to be quite spectacular next year. The lineup for 2014 so far seems to be a hit amongst DC fans. We’re getting a ton of figures that have been fan demanded for almost as long as the DC Universe Classics line has been around, such as 90’s Hook Hand Aquaman, jeans & t-shirt Superboy, Ice, and a brand new large Doomsday action figure! Of course we can only get these if Mattel gets the minimum number of subscribers to Club Infinite Earths by August 19th. There are two goals to reach. The first one gets us a Doomsday figure in his containment suit, while the other gets us “Doomsday Unleashed”, in his most iconic look that fans know and love. Both figures are very large, and are sure to please everyone who has been wanting a larger Doomsday figure for their collection, ever since the original DC Superheroes Doomsday figure had been released. Scott Neitlich, AKA “Toyguru” has posted a preview video of the Doomsday figures up to give us a proper size comparison and a closer look at what we’re getting if we sign up for the 2014 Club Infinite Earths subscription.

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News – Mattel Reveals Information About MOTUC 2014 Club Eternia The Unnamed One Figure

During the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, Mattel announced the 2014 Club Eternia subscription exclusive figure for Masters of the Universe Classics would be a character called The Unnamed One. The interesting (or frustrating, depending on who you talk to) thing about this figure is that nobody gets to know what it looks like until it arrives at peoples’ homes during the first quarter of next year. However, to whet peoples’ appetites for the character, Mattel has revealed some background information on the character known only as The Unnamed One.

If you want to subscribe to the 2014 Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia, just CLICK HERE.

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News – Mattycollector Updates for Subscriptions and Ecto-1

During 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel revealed plans for a 6″ scaled Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car, and showed off their offerings for their 2014 Mattycollector subscriptions for Masters of the Universe Classics, and DC Universe Signature Collection, or Club Infinite Earths. Now that SDCC is over, Scott “Toyguru” Neitlich has posted some updates about the Ecto-1 and the subscriptions, and voices some concerns, as well as tries to dispel some rumors about how the subscriptions are handled.

If you want to subscribe to either Masters of the Universe Classics or Club Infinite Earths, check out the subscription page here. And here’s the link to the Ecto-1 car if you’d like to place your pre-order.

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2013 SDCC – MOTUC Glimmer and DCIE “Hook Hand” Aquaman Confirmed!

Emails were just sent out to all subscribers of any Mattycollector figure subscriptions, giving us a sneak peek at two figures coming out in 2014. Glimmer, for Masters of the Universe Classics, and 90’s Hook Hand Aquaman, for the DC Signature Collection as a part of Club Infinite Earths! Fans have been wanting both for a long time now, so this should make a lot of people happy. To subscribe to Club Eternia and Club Infinite Earths for 2014, just CLICK HERE.

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10 DC Comics Characters too Obscure for Club Infinite Earths

I’ve always thought that the DC Universe Classics toy line had one of the most large and diverse character selections of any action figure line ever, excluding Minimates. Sure, there were a few variants of the big two sprinkled here and there, but it was mostly full of unique, sometimes wildly obscure characters (Omac? Jemm? Kamandi???). While that was fantastic for collectors, it seemed to ultimately be what drove sales down and sent the toy line into the online exclusive DC Universe Signature Collection through Club Infinite Earths on Mattycollector. When that toy line began, it was with the understanding that it would be the best avenue to get the most wanted, obscure characters out to collectors to help us flesh out our own DC universe. Still, I can’t help feeling that there are some areas of the DC Universe that Mattel will never get the chance to, or just doesn’t want to, touch.

So what I’ve done here is I’ve assembled what I consider to be the 10 most obscure DC comics characters that will most likely never get an action figure in Club Infinite Earths. My criteria for deciding these came down to researching forums to see which characters got suggested the least (or not at all), and which of them I would actually want to see made into action figures. I’ll even suggest possible accessories where applicable. And just so you know before reading, yes these are all 100% characters that I would buy figures of in a heartbeat. You might not agree that every character on this list deserves a figure, and that’s totally cool. But hopefully you at least get a kick out of the list assembled here, and maybe even learn something about some of the most obscure DC characters out there. So let’s start!
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News – 2013 SDCC Exclusive DC Club Infinite Earths New 52 Shazam Figure Revealed

Continuing the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con reveals this week from Mattel, we now have the latest one: New 52 Shazam, for the DC Club Infinite Earths. This won’t be in the subscription at all, and will only be available for sale at 2013 San Diego Comic-con, and then later on Well I have to say, this is a surprise. For those expecting Granny Goodness, a new Doomsday, or even Sgt. Rock, you might be disappointed in this reveal. For those excited about the New 52, this may be for you.

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