News – Power Lords Are Returning Thanks to the Four Horsemen

Power Lords from Four Horsemen Toy DesignFor a few months now, there has been a teaser clock about the possibility of the Power Lords returning. Well now the “Doomsday Clock” has finally reached zero and has revealed that indeed the Power Lords will be making a return to collector’s shelves in 2013 courtesy of the Four Horsemen! For those who don’t know, the Power Lords was a toy property from the early 80’s. It hasn’t seen any new merchandising since then, but given that the Four Horsemen seem to love bringing back really old, really obscure toy lines, this should come as a shock to very few.

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News – Preorder MOTUC Castle Grayskull Today!

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull BlueprintsIf you haven’t already heard, Mattel is trying to get a Masters of the Universe scale Caslte Grayskull made! This is a huge undertaking, and seriously surprising that Mattel could even attempt it. In order to even try to get it made, Mattel needs a minimum amount of preorders. And they don’t have the budget to mock up a prototype beforehand. The only thing fans have to go on are a series of blueprints showing off the scale, dimensions, and play features the castle will have. The only other caveat really, is the price. It’s going to cost $250 + shipping and tax. That is definitely not a small amount of money. This is going to be a very small production run though, just like everything else MOTUC related. And the castle really is going to be huge, so it seems that the cost could be justifiable. At least to me, the price becomes even more justifiable when you consider that Hasbro is re-releasing the deluxe Millennium Falcon from a few years back, this time in vintage style packaging, and it’s going to be sold for $250. And it’s a mass retail release.

At first you may be wary to preorder something that isn’t even made yet, but the best part of this preorder is that you put no money down. The preorder charges your card for exactly $0.00 and when (not if) the Castle goes through, absolutely no money will leave your account until the estimated release date of December 2013. You could put away $25 a month and by this time next year you’ll have more than enough to buy it. If this sounds like something you even want a little bit, I’d recommend going over to and preordering it.

Still not convinced? Continue after the jump for the full sized blueprints, a video of a foam mockup showing the scale of the castle, a message from the Four Horsemen, and a ton more detail regarding the castle, to get all the information you need to make an informed decision.
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Review – Outer Space Men Series 1 and 2 Infinity Edition 2.0 and 5 and 6 Alpha Phase

Four Horsemen Studios Outer Space Men Series 1 and 2 Infinity Edition & Series 5 and 6 Alpha Phase Action FiguresHey guys, just wanted to let you know about my new review for Toy News International. I take a look at the latest Outer Space Men figures from The Four Horsemen. Series 1 and 2 Infinity Edition, and series 5 and 6 Alpha Phase. Be sure to head on over by clicking here and check out the review, and the copious amount of photos I took. As always, thanks for looking!