NECA Superman, Batman, & Joker 7″ DC Movie Action Figures Revealed!

Last year, NECA surprised the entire toy collecting community with their 7″ scaled Michael Keaton 1989 Batman figure. The response was so huge it broke eBay. No, really. Not content with performing just one miracle, NECA Toys has just performed three more. I’m pretty sure this means Randy Falk can achieve sainthood now. NECA just revealed 7″ scaled Christopher Reeve Superman, Adam West Batman, and Heath Ledger Joker action figures! These figures celebrate three specific eras of DC Entertainment movies. These figures were made possible through a special deal with Warner Bros that has the figures packaged with a DVD and sold exclusively through the Warner Bros eBay store. They’re up as a pre sale right now, to be shipped out in November. If you’re interested, be sure to get these while you can! Click on the links above or the thumbnails below to take you to the specific eBay page!

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ACBA of the Day – Happy 75th Birthday Joker! by Aulrachman

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Happy 75th Birthday Joker! by Aulrachman

What is Articulated Comic Book Art?
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News – NECA Rambo 2 & Bioshock Infinite Booker DeWitt Now Available!

NECA Toys now has a slew of new goodies available through their eBay and Amazon stores. These are due to hit retailers soon, but if you just can’t wait then I’ve provided the links here below. Included is the highly anticipated Rambo: First Blood Part II figure, with Rambo in his most iconic look. There’s also the long awaited Bioshock Infinite Booker DeWitt, the 8″ Retro Scream Ghostface, and new Batman and Joker full size Scalers! Just click the links below to go to your preferred site if you want to pick any of these up. For more info on any of these NECA products, just click here.