News – NECA Rambo 2 & Bioshock Infinite Booker DeWitt Now Available!

NECA Toys now has a slew of new goodies available through their eBay and Amazon stores. These are due to hit retailers soon, but if you just can’t wait then I’ve provided the links here below. Included is the highly anticipated Rambo: First Blood Part II figure, with Rambo in his most iconic look. There’s also the long awaited Bioshock Infinite Booker DeWitt, the 8″ Retro Scream Ghostface, and new Batman and Joker full size Scalers! Just click the links below to go to your preferred site if you want to pick any of these up. For more info on any of these NECA products, just click here.

Custom Figure – It’s Batman Week with Deathstroke, Joker, & Deadshot Customs!

I dub this Batman Week here at Mint Condition Customs, and to celebrate it I bring you not, not two, but three new customs! This week I have a new custom Deadshot figure, based on his appearance in the Gotham Knight animated feature, a custom Arkham Asylum Joker figure that I added lots of new articulation too, and an Arkham Origins style Deathstroke, complete with unmasked Slade Wilson head! Be sure to click the links to see the full photo sets and descriptions for how each custom was made. Thanks for looking!

And these are also currently for auction on eBay. Just click each photo below to go to the corresponding page on eBay. If you’re interested, feel free to bid. If you know someone who might be, please pass the link along. Thanks for looking!

Custom Joker (Arkham Asylum) w/ Added Articulation DC Universe Action Figure – Created December 18th, 2013

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I’ve always loved the design of the Arkham Asylum Joker figure, but being a DC Direct figure it was severely lacking in the articulation. I aimed to change that, so I took the existing figure and made him really poseable. I shaved away some plastic inside the shoulders and hips and greatly improved their range of motion. I also sliced the arms and legs and made some bicep and thigh swivels, and I popped apart the torso from the legs and made a waist rotator joint (that’s right, the original figure couldn’t even turn at the waist!). So now that the Joker can actually move, he’s ready take on the Batman as the Clown Prince of Crime!

Custom Joker (Arkham Asylum) w/ Added Articulation DC Universe Action FigureCustom Joker (Arkham Asylum) w/ Added Articulation DC Universe Action Figure