ACBA of the Day – Happy 75th Birthday Joker! by Aulrachman

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Happy 75th Birthday Joker! by Aulrachman

What is Articulated Comic Book Art?
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News – DC Collectibles Forever Evil New 52 Crime Syndicate Figures Revealed

As Geoff Johns revealed today the villains of his Forever Evil storyline, DC Collectibles unveils the figures based on those characters: the Crime Syndicate. DC Collectibles will be releasing figures of Ultraman, Power Ring, and Superwoman in their New 52 “Forever Evil” portrayals.

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News – Arrow TV Series Action Figures & More Coming From DC Collectibles

It’s the week of 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, so you know there’s going to be a slew of new toy news bombarding the interwebs all this week. With that said, DC Collectibles has unveiled a ton of new action figures and statues due to come out next year. Among them are figures based on Greg Capullo’s art style in the current Batman run, and something I’m very much looking forward to: Arrow TV series action figures! That’s right, something fans have been wanting since the show first aired is now coming true. We’re getting a two-pack of Arrow and Deathstroke based on their looks from the TV series in a 6.75″ scale. And there’s lots more cool stuff coming your way from DC Collectibles.

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News – 2013 SDCC Exclusive DC Club Infinite Earths New 52 Shazam Figure Revealed

Continuing the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con reveals this week from Mattel, we now have the latest one: New 52 Shazam, for the DC Club Infinite Earths. This won’t be in the subscription at all, and will only be available for sale at 2013 San Diego Comic-con, and then later on Well I have to say, this is a surprise. For those expecting Granny Goodness, a new Doomsday, or even Sgt. Rock, you might be disappointed in this reveal. For those excited about the New 52, this may be for you.

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Review – New 52 Hawkman – DC Comics Unlimited, Mattel

New 52 Hawkman 6" Action Figure Mattel

Despite the initial backlash, DC Comics has maintained a really steady following for their New 52 comic book titles. Even the fans who didn’t like the idea of the New 52 had to admit that at least some of the character redesigns were cool. Among the cool redesigns is Hawkman. In the New 52, Hawkman looks much more savage than he did in the previous continuity, especially in his armor. Since Mattel’s retail DC Comics Unlimited toy line will focus mainly on the New 52, naturally Hawkman was a perfect choice.

So join me as I take a closer look at the DC Comics Unlimited New 52 Hawkman figure and see if he’s worth the money.
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Review – New 52 Batgirl – Batman Unlimited, Mattel

Batman Unlimited New 52 Batgirl action figure from Mattel

It’s been a good year for DC fans. We got a great first year with Mattel’s DC Universe Signature Collection via Mattycollector, and we have two new lines at retail: DC Unlimited and Batman Unlimited. While the Signature Collection will focus on more fan demanded classic characters, both DC and Batman Unlimited will focus on the big guns, and not much else. These figures are, for the most part, New 52 inspired, which brings us to the figure we’ll be looking at today: New 52 Batgirl.

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