FALCON PUNCH! Captain Falcon Custom Action Figure

I told you I wasn’t going anywhere this time! I’m back with my latest custom. This one is based on Captain Falcon from F-Zero in his alternate black suit as he appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. I also made a FALCON PUNCH energy effect accessory completely sculpted out of hot glue! Be sure to visit the gallery page for the full photo set and description on how Captain Falcon was made, and you can check out the Youtube video for this custom action figure to see some exclusive Work In Progress photos and see the process!

Captain Falcon Super Smash Bros Melee Video Game Custom Action Figure


Captain Falcon Super Smash Bros Melee F-Zero 6″ Video Game Custom Action Figure

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And don’t forget to check out the Youtube video below for exclusive WIP (Work In Progress) photos!

This was a commissioned piece for someone who wanted a 6″ scaled F-Zero Captain Falcon action figure, based on his alternate black outfit from the Nintendo game Super Smash Bros. Melee. For the base, I used a DC Universe Classics Batman, with the boots from an Arkham City Batman, the head of a DC Universe Classics Flash, and the belt/gun from a DCUC Starman. The head, boots, torso, and arms were sculpted onto with meticulous detail using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, with his visor being made of sheet polystyrene. Then the figure was painted with the colors matching the video game reference.

I wanted to give this piece something extra, so I decided to make a Falcon Punch accessory effect. It was sculpted using hot glue, over his arm so it would perfectly fit. I had to cover the arm with cling wrap first so the glue wouldn’t stick to it, and I used some clear packing tape as the guides for the wings and tail. This was a long and delicate process that I feel really paid off. Then I painted it using clear yellow, orange, and red for the fiery effect. And now Captain Falcon is ready to take on any challenger!

Captain Falcon Super Smash Bros Melee F-Zero Video Game Custom Action FigureCaptain Falcon Super Smash Bros Melee F-Zero Video Game Custom Action Figure

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Review – NECA 8-Bit Robocop Classic Video Game Appearance Action Figure

That’s right, reviews are back! I can’t promise they’re back in full force, but I’m hoping to be able to return to them at least on a semi-regular basis. Today I bring you a review of the NECA 8-Bit Robocop Classic Video Game Appearance action figure. This is to continue celebration Robocop Week! Check out the video review below.

News – NECA Robocop Classic Video Game Appearance Now on Sale

This one almost snuck past me! It seems the NECA Robocop Classic Video Game Appearance 7″ figure is now on sale at the NECA eBay store! This one features a paint job meant to mimic the look of the video game sprite in the old NES Robocop video game. Not only that, but the box it comes in has artwork that looks just like the case the game came in! I already ordered mine. Robocop is one of my all time favorite movies, and I love these classic video game style figures NECA has been doing. If you want to order your own, you can click the image below.

News – NECA 8 Bit NES Robocop Action Figure Revealed

NECA just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to doing classic NES inspired variants of their most iconic characters. First they came out with their SDCC exclusive NES Jason Voorhees, then they just came out with their NES Freddy Krueger, and now NECA has just revealed their all new classic video game 8 bit inspired NES Robocop action figure. Like Freddy and Jason, this new NES Robocop will come in box packaging made to resemble the case the old NES video game came in. NECA even went so far as to include their Reel Toys and NECA logos on the box in the places where, on the original game packaging, it was the Data East and Nintendo logos. The fact that NECA goes that far, to make their logos resemble the old ones is just icing to someone like me who really appreciates good graphics work on packaging.

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