New Custom Action Figures – Shroud & Flash Thompson Venom, Marvel Legends Style

Hey there. This week’s new customs are both Marvel based. One of them is a more obscure character by the name of Shroud, while the other is decidedly less obscure, Flash Thompson Venom. These were both a lot of fun to do. I took some artistic liberties with Shroud, such as using the very stylized Spawn cape and the textured Black Panther body. Venom required a ton of sculpting and fodder pieces to complete, but I’m happy with both results. Just click on the photos below to visit their corresponding pages so you can view the complete photo sets and the descriptions. Thanks for looking!

Custom Flash Thompson Venom 6" Marvel Legends Action FigureCustom Shroud 6" Marvel Legends Action Figure

Custom Shroud 6″ Marvel Legends Action Figure – Created Dec 24th, 2012

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Shroud is a lesser known Marvel character, but has a very cool look to him that I thought would translate well into an action figure. He’s made using the body of a Marvel Legends Black Panther, the cape from a Spawn figure, the hood from a Marvel Legends Moonknight, and the head from a Legendary Comic Book Heroes Judge Dredd.

I removed Black Panther’s belt and sculpted around his waist to fill in the holes. I also sculpted over his forearms, shins, and boot toes to cover up the Black Panther detailing in the suit, and clipped all his claws off. I used one of my Dremel grinding bits to get the same texture that the figure already had to blend it in. The cape was dry brushed a light purple, almost lavender color and then attached to the figure. I used Aves Apoxie Sculpt to make a collar for him to help sell the illusion that the hood and cape were one piece.

For the head, I sculpted the visor over Judge Dredd’s head, painted it, and then glued on the Moonknight hood and painted it the same purple as the cape, and added the spider insignia Shroud wears on the hood. After painting the entire body black and covering up the purple dry brushing the Black Panther had before, Shroud was ready for action!

Custom Shroud 6" Marvel Legends Action Figure CollageCustom Shroud 6" Marvel Legends Action Figure Collage