News – Prototype Toy From Cancelled Superman Lives revealed a couple of photos of a Superman Lives toy prototype. The prototype is of the recovery mech Superman suit and was designed by Hasbro (who had the rights to make DC related toys at the time). The movie was set to be directed by Tim Burton and star Nicholas Cage as Superman. It’s not perfect (by any stretch of the definition of the word), but you can definitely see a hint of Cage in there. Remember, this was in the mid-90’s, before the action figure Renaissance that gave us great collector figures. If you’re just now hearing about the proposed Superman Lives movie, you can browse around their site and see a lot of concept art and test shots from the movie that never came to fruition (much to the joy of geeks all around the world).

Click the headline above or click the link below to see full images of the Superman Lives prototype!






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2 thoughts on “News – Prototype Toy From Cancelled Superman Lives

  1. I asked this question before–How do I go about buying a prototype toy from Bandai which they showcased at the Toyfare but cancelled the line before it came out.

    Someone stated that it’s hard to obtain a prototype like that because they’re not the manufacturers and the manufacturers own the license to sell. I’m guessing DC Comics is the manufacturer since the toys are DC Comics characters. Can anyone help on how I go about trying to buy a prototype toy from the manufacturer of DC?

    • I’m not entirely sure about that. It may have to do with knowing the right people. I think that’s how that stuff happens. You know the right people who can hook you up with that sort of thing, or get lucky and find one on eBay. It’s not easy, but it is possible.

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