News – New Marvel Legends Officially Spotted at Retail

Wow! This is certainly a nice surprise. It looks like the first wave of the new 2012 Marvel Legends have finally been spotted here in the United States. There have already been sightings of these figures in the Philippines, so we knew it would be just a short time before they started showing up in America.

The figures were spotted in a Toys R’ Us in California. You of course can’t make out the UPC number (to use to call your local TRU’s and see if the new Marvel Legends are in), but you can clearly make out the price for them in $17.99. It certainly seems steep, but very apropos of Toys R’ Us. When something big and new is out, they always tack on a couple extra dollars to capitalize on the frenzy. And I’m sure a lot of people will play into it. It’s understandable; the toys are new and have been VERY anticipated.

However these will be showing up in Target and Walmart as well, for undoubtedly much less than $17.99. Some people are reporting seeing price tags at their Targets and Walmarts for $15.99 so that is definitely a better deal.

I’ll wait until I see them at Target or Walmart, though I admit it will be mighty tempting to pick these up wherever I see them first.

So, has this gotten anyone excited? Are you guys already on the hunt? Discuss it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “News – New Marvel Legends Officially Spotted at Retail

  1. I’m one of those people that only buy figures that I like not entire waves, I’m sad to say I’m only interested in the Iron Man and Thor figures when they’re released. Plus I don’t even know who the first two build a figures are lol. Do we know what the rest of the BAFs are going to be?

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