News – DC Direct Arkham City Series 3 & Dark Knight Rises Products Revealed

The folks over at Cfaddicts have posted some images of upcoming DC Direct Batman products on their Twitter page. Shown are the following:

DC Direct Arkham Asylum Series 3: Clown Thug, Ra’s Al Ghul, Batman, Azrael and Penguin

Click “more” to see images of all the new figures!


I’m definitely excited about Ra’s Al Ghul and Azrael. Those are surprises. I’m very excited about the Joker Thug too. He looks like Mr. Hammer, but he has both of his arms so I suppose he’s just a random Joker Thug.

Also found, on the Idle Hands blog is an image showing off several of the DC Direct Arkham City Deluxe figures, featuring Titan Joker, Killer Croc, and Mr. Freeze. I’m not sure why Mr. Freeze is being billed as a Deluxe figure though. He’s not that big.


And also shown off, thanks to CFaddicts, is an image showing off some Dark Knight Rises statues coming out, courtesy of DC Direct.

12″ Dark Knight Rises Statues: Bane, Batman, Catwoman

So what do you all think? When I saw these photos I was incredibly surprised by these product reveals, mostly about the DC Direct Arkham City figures. I can not wait to get my hands on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Haha, but seriously they will be mine.

Let me know what you all think in the comments.

One thought on “News – DC Direct Arkham City Series 3 & Dark Knight Rises Products Revealed

  1. So, (besides the announced Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and K Croc for 2012′ ), I am so EXCITED about the Ra’s al ghul, Clown thug, Azrael and extra Batman figure!!!! I didn’t think they were going to do any others besides what I had mentioned and the series 2 and 3 (Which I knew about) ! I still am hoping for the Hugo Strange, Abramovici twins, Solomon Grundy and Calendar Man : )
    As far as Nolan’s Batman movies…as a Batman purist, Nolan has taken such a sharp turn from what Batman should be, I can’t stand his movies!!! His movies are the “plastic version” of the Dark Knight! C’mon man, Bane’s 6′ 8″ 350 pounds and they got this 5′ 10″ 200 pound punk playing him! Even Bale, he’s to spindley to play Batman! Wish they would find a guy built like the Batman from Arkham City! And further more the Joker doesn’t have a green perm, cut marks on his mouth edges and stick his tongue out every 2 minutes! Nolan get a clue! I just wish someone would do a good Batman movie with out metro/trendy actors, and cast for actors that look like the characters and be more traditional! I’d love to see an Arkham City movie with a whole new cast! So no, I wouldn’t spend a dime on the DKR’s figures!

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