News – New MOTUC Kobra Kahn and Draego-Man Carded Images

Mattycollector recently posted on their Facebook page, showing off images of Masters of the Universe Classics Kobra Kahn and Draego-Man in package. Below, are images and commentary from the Facebook post.

Hey MOTUC fans!

The 30th anniversairy is in full swing! Without an further rambling by yours truly, here are the latest packaged shots we just got in today!

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Kobra Kahn from the front. Packed out in the same pose as his vintage counterpart! Kahn will ship in March 2012 as the monthly club figure (with some limited day-of stock)


Here is the new bio for this slippery Snake Man!


Draego-Man really filled out the package. The wings are detached as is the tail to fit inside the blister, but they all easily snap in. He comes with the flame on sword. We are working on finding a home for the unreleased sword and whip accessories, perhapes with a future figure. The massive wing span and all the deco hits he needed forced us to reduce a few accessories to keep him as a $20.00 figure. We would rather remove the shield then have to remove the wings or tail!

The all new bio based on the Horsemen’s backstory! The shield art was also supplied by the Horsemen from their concept sketch sent to our design team! Draego ships in April as part of the 30th sub (not the main Club Eternia Cub) with some limited day-of stock for non sub holders.


I’m not a MOC collector, but I can see them getting upset by the fact that you can’t see Kobra Kahn’s or Draego-Man’s faces inside the package. Draego really does fill that thing up, doesn’t he? Also, the flames on his sword do not look nearly as good as the prototype. I’m sure they had to round out the points for child safety regulations, but it still looks weird. I’m still not completely sold on Draego-Man, but I will happily buy Kobra Kahn. I can’t wait for him.

So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “News – New MOTUC Kobra Kahn and Draego-Man Carded Images

  1. Kobra Khan looks soooo bad ass!! I can not wait. Draego looks good too, but Khan was my favorite as a kid so I will be getting multiples of him.

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