Any Questions For Mattel?

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That’s right, Mint Condition Customs is joining the bimonthly Ask Matty Q&A sessions. This set of questions is for the February 15th session, but all the questions are due by 11:59 CST TONIGHT. I literally just joined the Q&A a few minutes ago courtesy of Scott “Toyguru” Neitlich, otherwise I could have given you guys some far advance notice.

So, go ahead and ask any questions you may have! I’ll choose 5 out of the pool to be submitted for the Q&A and post the answers here on February 15th.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your question, so don’t be shy, ask away!

4 thoughts on “Any Questions For Mattel?

  1. will figures like the long requested elasti girl or any other bigger characters be part of this line

  2. 1) Will any of the DC Legacy figures that are released currently in double packs ever be released single packaged? 2) How many more Batman Arkham City figures can we look forward to?

  3. Dear Matty,
    DCUC will not be in retail anymore, that is understood.
    We have seen the first 2 waves of DC All Stars.
    Are there any thoughts of expanding the waves to 6-7 figures, and also to include a C & C?

  4. 1.) When (if ever) will we get a re-release….possibly a repaint for super powers colors….of Clark Kent??

    2.) is the Batman legacy line going to die. I love the movie masters, but the legacy can be infinite due to the rich history of Batman

    3.) Are we getting a Superman line as the rumors have suggested??

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