Got Any Questions For Mattel?

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If you have any questions for Mattel, submit them by 11:59 PM CST tonight. This is for the March 1st, round of questions (I have to submit questions this early in advance). The February 15th answers will be up tomorrow. To submit a question, just leave a comment asking your question. It can be about any of Mattel’s brands. So don’t be shy, ask anything.

3 thoughts on “Got Any Questions For Mattel?

  1. With all the recent trouble with subscriptions getting cancelled and the laundry list of complaints from customers, what will it take for Matty (and Mattel) to drop Digital River as their site runners? It seems to me that there is just one major problem after another and they NEVER get back to you when a question or complaint is made.

  2. When will Matty make a proper sized Mongul and Doomsday? The same size as the C&C Darkseid.

    Will Matty re-release other waves like they did for Metallo and the Legion? The Solomun Grundy wave and the Giganta wave would be awesome.

  3. Hello Matty,

    Do you regret trashing the DC Universe Classics Line at retail? Especially now that you see the numbers that Hasbro is getting with the Marvel Legends. Their first wave has already surpassed the first 2 DCUC waves combined in the first week of official release. Of course Marvel Legends is an established brand itself so it shouldn’t be directly compared to the first months of DCUC, but that’s a different topic for a different day. Basically I’m asking if you think that the “DCUC All-Stars” will be able to complete with the Marvel Legends, your now direct competitor? With the quality of plastic getting cheaper, and removing the collect and connect pieces, how can you justify the rise in MSRP?

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