News – Hasbro’s 2012 Marvel Legends Wave 2 Hits Retail

Hasbro Marvel Legends Arnim ZolaMarvelousnews is reporting that people are finding the second wave of Hasbro’s new Marvel Legends in stores right now. So far, reports only indicate them being found at places such as Walmart. This is really unexpected, considering wave 1 is just now hitting retail and most people are still trying to find it. For anyone who budgets their action figure monthly intake, this will be some bad news.

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What’s worse is that after this, there is no telling when wave 3 will hit retail, or even be fully revealed. There were only two figures for wave 3 shown off at Toy Fair, with one other mentioned, but that’s it. It could be a long time before wave 3 hits stores, which is bad news for fans and Hasbro. A good way to ensure people lose interest in a line is by flooding the market early on, and then not giving anything new for a very long time. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, and let’s hope we get more than three waves this year.

Here is a list of figures from wave 2 to help you out on your search:

– Bucky Captain America
– Guardians Of The Galaxy Drax The Destroyer
– Fantomex
– Dark Wolverine (Mask On)
– Dark Wolverine (Mask Off Variant)
– Big Time Spider-Man
– Future Foundation Spider-Man (Variant)
– Wrecking Crew Thunderball
– Wrecking Crew Piledriver (Variant)
– Madame Mask
– Madame Hydra (Variant)
– Build-A-Figure Arnim Zola/Red Skull Zola (Vairant)

Below are some images by Marvelousnews user RickCoronel. He posted these after finding wave 2 at his local Walmart. And check out even more images by heading over to Marvelousnews.


3 thoughts on “News – Hasbro’s 2012 Marvel Legends Wave 2 Hits Retail

  1. Love the site. Huge marvel fan. What a bunch of crappy toys that have come out of these two waves. Still waiting on black tom and sebastian shaw.

      • Wow Adam, didn’t expect to see you commenting on my site. Welcome buddy. I think the build-a-figures have been very interesting for these past two waves, but yes a modern Luke Cage would be nice and so would a Sebastian Shaw.

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