Got any Questions for Mattel?

Mattel Mattycollector LogoIf you have any questions for Mattel, submit them by 11:59 PM CST on March 31th, 2012. This is for the April 1st round of questions and the answers will be posted then. To submit a question, just leave a comment on this post asking your question. It can be about any of Mattel’s brands. So don’t be shy, ask anything.

I’ll be leaving this as a sticky post until after the 31st so anybody who wants to ask a question won’t miss it. For newer posts, just scroll down.

8 thoughts on “Got any Questions for Mattel?

  1. I’m not asking for any promises or even an official announcement of any kind, but is it POSSIBLE that we will get characters for DCAS such as Alfred and Lois Lane…characters that aren’t typical, but so essential to the stories we read??? Do you have the rights?? Has it been discussed??

  2. so my question is are you guys goona be doing a dcuc batmobile or a bulid a figure batcave kinda like you did with the young justice when you made the hall of justice,because i would love to have a batcave for my batman fig?

  3. 2 words, Mattel: Super excited!
    At Toy Fair 2012, we saw the new Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters. They were incredible!
    Then, you released 2 more on, even more awesome!
    Now, to finish the Bat Signal, there’s 6 figures, but, only 5 have been revealed.
    So, my question is: What is the last figure?
    Ra’s Al Ghul, possibly?

  4. i had asked a question last time about when the winner of the character contest will be announced.i meant to ask will they be informed ahead of time if the winner doesn’t live in california and will they be flown out to the comic con ?

  5. As a big Super Powers fan I appreciated all the updates in the DC line of 6″ figures however I’m still wanting a SP deco of Wonder Woman, a light blue Superman(maybe with a Mytzplk pack-in), SP deco Batman, SP deco Penguin(which we saw but not slotted), SP deco Mr Freeze etc. Can we expect to see these given the rebranding at retail and several of these are heavy hitters as well as being simple repaints?

  6. When would we see the beginnings of lead in product coming into the new superman movie? Will a legacy line be a reality and will it rock?

    Would there be a movie masters legacy line that reaches back into the Christopher Reeve properties or will we just have to keep making our own?

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