News – Mattel Cancels Young Justice Lines and Issues Statement on DCU All Stars

Mattel Young Justice Batman 6" ScaleMattel has posted a response to a question on their Mattycollector message boards last week that they have canceled their 4″ & 6″ Young Justice lines due to lack of demand. It  seems that Mattel just can’t keep a DC Comics based toy line going strong.

It was also recently announced the 6″ DC Universe Classics All-Star line was also getting cancelled and that only one wave with a new lineup was going to be released at retail. Mattel has also released an statement via their Mattycollector forums in regards to that line:

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“DC Universe is going away after 2012 and there’ll be one more wave of 4. In 2013, we’ll be relaunching our 6” with complimentary offerings on Matty and at Mass. You guys will be able to complete your collection and I hope you’ll like what we are doing. We’ve taken lessons from DC Universe and Legacy. Overall, we need to adjust to retailers, consumers and what’s selling in volumes that can be supported.

As far as the character that we showed but haven’t released, most of them have been tooled so we’ll be looking for a way to release them in one form or another. However, I can’t 100% guarantee that.”


This is sad news for anyone hoping to complete their Young Justice team in 6″ or 4″ form. Looks like collectors will never get a 6″ Miss Martian, and there’s no word on if the scheduled figures left in both lines will end up getting released at all.

Let me know your thoughts on the subject in the comments.


Mattel Young Justice Batman 6" Scale

4 thoughts on “News – Mattel Cancels Young Justice Lines and Issues Statement on DCU All Stars

  1. It’s sad that they didn’t even give it a chance. Between weak paint aps and over pricing this line seemed to be set up for failure.

    • I have to agree. I did love the 6″ line though. Those bases were amazing, and I was looking forward to getting Batman and the new Superboy, and Sportsmaster.

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