Four New Guides Posted in the Tutorials Section

Custom Action Figures Mint Condition John Harmon how to install an led circuit in an action figureHey everybody! I just wanted to let you guys know that I posted 4 new tutorials. One of them is a very quick one, that’s just a little trick on how to help preserve your paints:

A Quick Tip on Preserving Your Paints

Another one is a very important one that teaches you how to properly prepare your figures for painting and sculpting, and how to eliminate joint rub. Remember, customizing is 90% preparation, and 10% artistry so if you’re just getting into customizing, or having a problem with paint not adhering right, then you should definitely read this tutorial:

How to Prepare Your Figures for Painting and Sculpting, and how to Eliminate Joint Rub

The next two sort of go together. One teaches you how to use a soldering iron to put together an LED circuit. The other teaches you how to install in LED circuit in an action figure. I thought about putting them in one guide, but ultimately decided on two since each practice can be talked about in great length. That, and there could be a lot of people that already know how to solder, but don’t know how to install the LED circuit in their action figure, so two separate guides was definitely the way to go. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to solder, or how to make your action figures have light-up effects, then these tutorials are for you.

How to Solder an LED Circuit

How to Install an LED Circuit in an Action Figure for Light-Up Effects

That’s all I have to teach for now. I hope they help you in your customizing endeavors. And if you ever have any questions about customizing that I haven’t already covered, then always feel free to email me!

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