BotCon 2012 – Hasbro Toy Panel Reveals – SDCC Exclusives, TF Generations, And More!

Transformers Botcon 2012 Hasbro Optimus Prime Megatron BumblebeeDuring Hasbro’s Toy Panel, they talked and revealed a lot of new information about products coming out. Unfortunately all filming and photography was prohibited. However, I took good notes and am going to relay all the information here. for you.

They talked about the San Diego Comic Con 2012 exclusives, the future of Transformers Prime, future Generations waves, the possibility of Fall of Cybertron Dinobots figures and even a Transformers theme park ride!

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SDCC Exclusives – Hasbro mentioned 2 Transformers exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con this year. The first is a “Rust in Piece” zombie Cliffjumper, which I revealed details and photos of here. The second is the Fall of Cybertron Bruticus figure. Bruticus will be available at retail, where each of the figures that make up Bruticus will be sold in individual packages.

However, at SDCC Bruticus will come built in one gigantic package with amazing artwork on the front, showing Bruticus shooting, stomping, and tearing Autobots apart! They had some rough concept art of the image, and showed their final version of the image as well. It was incredible.Check here for pics of Bruticus!

Theme Park Ride – This May 24th, Transformers: The Ride will premiere at the Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood, California. A brand new Transformers character has been created just for the ride, named Evac. He’s going to be in the same design as the Transformers live action movie characters. There will be figures of Evac sold at all Universal Studios locations that have the Transformers ride.

Transformers Prime – Transformers Prime is getting a season 2, so that’s definitely good news.

Transformers Robots in Disguise – New figures are coming out in the RID line, such as TF: Prime Arachnid, Kup, Rumble, Dreadwing, and a Thundertron figure (a character from the Exiles novel).

Fall of Cybertron – Pictures were shown of FoC versions of Kickback, Starscream, Sideswipe, Ultra Magnus (an FOC Optimus Prime repaint) and Fireflight (an FOC Shockwave repaint).

The rest of the panel was a Q&A with Hasbro’s design team. Some interesting things were said in the answers, such as when someone asked if there will be Fall of Cybertron figures for all the dinobots. They slyly hinted that a Grimlock would be cool, and talked about how awesome all of the characters are in the game. Far from a confirmation, but even farther from a denial. I personally hope we see them, I’d buy up all the Dinobots in a heartbeat.



A lot of great reveals were shown off at the panel. It’s going to be a good year for Transformers fans to say the least. From the Fall of Cybertron figures, to the zombie Cliffjumper, and finally the new Masterpiece Optimus Prime! BotCon was amazing this year, I’m glad I was able to go. I hope all who went had fun, and that all the news got you guys excited for the coming year.

Let me know how your trip went if you attended, and if not then just let me know what you thought of all the reveals!



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