Ask Mattel – Answers for June 15th, 2012

Mattel Mattycollector LogoScyphio McClinton asks: Will Matty in the near future re release the voltron red lion with the driver again for those that missed out ?

No. We offered this item by sub specifically so fans would not miss out and sold additional quota during the day-of sale. We are not doing a second run.



Brian asks: Can we get any information as to when the DC All Stars figures are supposed to be in stores?




Tw Garth Burgess asks: Yes with your failure to deliver any successful line in the 3.75″, 4″, 5″,8″ or 12″..why continue with the dc license? When hasbro has varied scales flooding the market, what’s your excuse? Other than blaming fans for not supporting the lines? Isn’t it time to stand up and admit other than dcuc, you’ve failed bringing dcu to retail?

We always look to provide new figures and ways to play with toys. As such, we often try different things, such as varying scale. We learned a lot with DC over the past several years, which will help us with our DC plans going forward. In fact, DC is doing very well in Imaginex and we’ve also taken some learnings from them. In the next couple of years, look forward to some of your favorite characters at retail in new executions!



Matthew Jenkins asks: Can you tell us the state of the Ghostbusters line? Will there be any more figures at all after this year, or is this it completely for the Ghostbusters toy line?

GB 6” figures are in a bit of a hiatus while we work with our partners at Sony on the future of new entertainment for this great property.



Daniel asks: When will the subscriptions page be back up for customers to see on their profiles?

Ideally soon. We are working hard on this.

That’s it for this round. Join us again for another Ask Matty on July 1st!

10 thoughts on “Ask Mattel – Answers for June 15th, 2012

  1. Thanks for posting my question! No admission by matty whatsoever! Upsetting to read “in next couple of years”..when will matty liston? As far as execution, fans have been loud for awhile. We want 6″ and 3.75″!
    What a joke!

    • They started to improve the articulation on DC Infinite Heroes towards the end, but sadly it DID end. I think DC just might not have as much widespread appeal as Marvel, so it’s hard to market something towards collectors and sell it at retail. Perhaps they can move a 3 3/4 inch DC line to Mattycollector.

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  3. Matty’s crown means he is the king of BS. Mattel said they learned kid and mom interest is essential to a DCU line. But even with the Young Justice cartoon generating that interest they still failed. If they haven’t learned how to handle the DC license by now they never will. Just admit failure, give up the license, and let Hasbro take over.

    • I admit, I would be interested to see Hasbro putting Marvel legends articulation and design into DC characters, but I do love Mattel’s DC Universe Classics. One thing that made that line great was the extremely diverse character selection.

      Hasbro seems to put a Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Iron Man variant into every wave they produce, leaving little room for some more obscure characters. A lot of Marvel Legends, even back to Toybiz, were variants of a-list characters.

      Mattel took a risk putting some very obscure characters (Golden Pharaoh anyone?) into the line, and yes they did have variants and repacks of the a-listers, but there were still plenty of obscure characters in the selection. I never thought we’d see 6″ well articulated figures of the Metal Men.

      • Yeah sometimes the fans are obviously angry. I thought about changing up the wording to be less angry, but in the end felt it wouldn’t be ethical to do so.

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  5. When TG says that we’ll see our favorite characters at retail in new executions, he really means we’ll see lots of Batmans flooding the pegs in different colors and scales.

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