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Mattel Mattycollector LogoAlright guys, it’s that time again for Ask Mattel! All questions are due by 11:59 PM CST June 30th, 2012. These questions are for the July 15th Q&A with Mattel. If you have any questions at all regarding any of Mattel’s brands leave them in a comment below and I’ll do my best to make sure Mattel gets them answered.

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  1. In the reviews of Rocket Red for the DC subscription, he appears to be much larger in comparison to a standard figure than he has been to regular characters in virtually all his comic appearances. Also, the particular RR design seems to be between the original JLI Dmitri version most people favor and the current DCnU version. Can you talk a little about the design choices for Rocket Red so fans will understand why these elements were chosen?

  2. Considering the key role Emiliano Santalucia played in creating the Classics line for MOTU, would it be possible to get some kind of credit for him on the packaging, such as ‘Created by Emiliano Santalucia’ – even if it is only on the white mailers under the MOTU logo.

  3. what up Mattel

    I am kinda getting board with a lot of the questions people “ask Matty”…..generally people seem to be only asking about customer service….or asking questions “like when are we gonna see Ram Man?”

    My questions:

    1) Seeing as how Subscriptions sales are really whats keeping the line going….as you have stated before, well…how does Mattel expect to keep the lines going in this same fashion….and hope to bring on more NEW collector’s and sell more subscriptions, when you are …..a) not re-issuing any new figures ….and b) going through all the CS stock…..with also no plans to reissue any past figures? With past figures going online between $50 – $150, why would anyone hop on board now, almost 100 figures into the MOTU Classics series? Faker was re-issued recently…to think that we will never get an axe and shield for him….well it just hurts.

    2) Do you have anything planned for the MOTUC 100th figure? And when adding to 100 figures, would you include the Toys R Us figures? Or would you count them by package i.e…..the Star Sisters count as 1?

    3) Have we gone through all the CS stock for Roboto, King Randor, Zodak, Shadow Beast and the 2 Weapon packs? I kinda don’t wanna sit here hoping you will release them at a reasonable price again, if you never intend too.

    Please and thank you


  4. Vito, a couple of your questions were answered on a couple of website a fortnight ago in their ‘ask matty’. They are good questions though.

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