New Custom Action Figure Shows That I’m Batty

I’m really terrible at Bat-related puns, aren’t I? Don’t tell me, my ego is fragile. Anyway, it does elude to my newest custom action figure. The newest addition to the showcase is a movie concept for John Blake from the Dark Knight Rises as Nightwing. Don’t worry, it’s not a spoiler, but after seeing the movie I just couldn’t get the concept out of my head, so I had to make it.

You can view the entire gallery and description by clicking on the photo below. I even wrote up my own little story for incorporating John Blake as Nightwing into the Nolan Batman movie universe. And if you’re interested then you can bid on this custom right now on eBay. Don’t forget to tell your friends who you think might be interested.


Custom 6" Dark Knight Rises DC Universe Classics Movie Masters Nightwing Robin John Blake Concept Action Figure


Thanks for looking.

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