Ask Mattel – Answers for August 15th, 2012

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I should have posted this yesterday, but I didn’t receive the answers until late in the evening, so I decided to save them for today. Anyway, these are the answers for the August 15th session of Ask Mattel. We’ve got a wide range of questions this time, so let’s just jump right in, shall we?



If the Superboy and Miss Martian 2 packs sell well enough, could we possibly see more 6″ Young Justice 2 packs in the future? Maybe some characters from the second season, Invasion? Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Lagoon Boy, Nightwing, Tim Drake Robin perhaps?

No. The only reason we can offer these  is because the sculpts were done. We don’t have the resources for additional sculpting. This last set is a “gift” for fans (if we get the min order).



Will the Watchmen figures come with character appropriate accessories? I noticed at SDCC that Dr. Manhattan was posed with no accessories and that Rorschach came with a grapple gun, but will he also come with a gas gun? Perhaps including Bubastis with Ozymandias? Some cool gadgets to go with Owl Man? Will Comedian come with his guns, and maybe a second head with the S&M mask?

Bubastis would be way to big to include as an accessory. We will include accessories when we can afford them and they work for the figure.



Will Elongated Man come with interchangable stretched out parts besides the one interchangeable forearm he was displayed with?

No, just the one elongated alt hand.



Is there any chance of future Dark Knight Rises movie masters figures? Lucius Fox, Miranda Tate, maybe some Bane variants, or even a Victor Zsasz from Batman Begins?

Anything is possible but no plans right now.



The Ecto-Goggles looked fantastic! I heard they will display an animation of slimer over the lenses, is this correct? Will it be an animation of the scene from the movie, or will you be able to look through the goggles normally and see an animation displayed over that, so it looks like slimer is in whatever environment you’re in?

We are still fine tuning this but yes the idea is to have a Slimer be seen in the goggles whos movements will be sync’d to the PKE meter beeping. We’ll have a working model to show at NYCC in the fall.


That’s it for this round. The next round will be on September 1st, 2012.

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  2. Too bad they couldn’t reuse a couple of the Plastic Man pieces for Elongated man. The longer neck would have been cool on Ralph.

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