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Project Triforce Arkham Replicas

TriForce proudly presents the officially licensed Batman: Arkham City – Riddler Trophy Full Scale Replica, masterfully sculpted and painted by the artisans at TriForce. The end result is the most authentic representation of this trophy available on the market. The Riddler Trophy Full Scale Replica is hand-finished and hand-painted to precision quality. Intricately crafted and cast in polystone, it measures 19″ in height, weighs in at 8 pounds, and features working LED effect! Own this authentic piece of videogame history as part of a Limited Edition of 440 pieces worldwide.

Price: $349.99 +

MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave with Laserbeak

Counted among Megatron’s earliest followers, Soundwave perpetuates his role as Decepticon communication specialist by virtue of Mini-Cons which stealthily infiltrate the fortifications of Autobots and Decepticons alike, enabling Soundwave to provide Megatron with even the most secret or obscure information. Soundwave’s sensors are sensitive to even the lowest radio transmissions, and his penchant for monitoring electrical brain impulses provides him with the equivalent of telepathy. Soundwave’s predilections make him unpopular among his fellow Decepticons, mostly limiting his interactions to the company of his Cassette Warriors. Though he is sometimes portrayed as an arbitrator, Soundwave is hypervigilant of any potential rival in the Decepticon hierarchy, and will use blackmail to eliminate any such rival as quickly and as thoroughly possible.

Additional cassettes are coming in 2013, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

Price: $169.99

1/100 Scale Metal Gear Rex Kit

NOTE – The price on this item may decrease if a domestic supply is found.

A highly detailed unpainted plastic model kit of Metal Gear REX in 1/100 scale. Will stand about 6 inches tall (15.24cm) when assembled. Articulated after assembly!

Price: $109.99

1/6 Scale Movie Masterpiece Wolverine

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the Wolverine Limited Edition Collectible figure from the superhero blockbuster X-Men: The Last Stand. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed X-Men suit, weapon and movie-accurate figure stand.

Price: $214.99

Transformers Generations – Takara – Fall of Cybertron

Note – Pictured is the Hasbro version. We expect a minor color difference as well as possible chrome parts on this version.

Price: $37.99

NECA Terminator Series 03 Set

The third collection in the popular Terminator series brings the first ever action figure of Kyle Reese, a fan-favorite, highly requested for years now – the freedom fighter is based on his 1984 look in the original Terminator and comes complete with shotgun and photo of Sarah Connor.

Also included in this series is the T-800 (Tanker Truck Pursuit) featuring interchangeable heads and his battle damaged look from the final scenes in The Terminator and the T-1000 (Liquid Nitrogen) featuring special deco and paint effects to re-create his frozen state in the steel mill scene from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Figures stand 6 3/4″ – 7″ tall and are fully poseable and highly detailed. Clamshell packaging

Price: $47.99 (case of 3)

New Japanese Exclusives

Price: Varies

Lord of the Rings Weapon Replicas

The epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings yields this officially licensed reproduction sword. This is Sting, the magical sword carried by Frodo Baggins on his quest through Middle Earth. Measuring 22” overall, the sword features a 15” blade constructed from AUS-6 stainless steel, hardwood hand grip with Elven vine design, and a solid metal guard and pommel with antique metal finish. Engraved on the blade and cross guard are runes in the Elven language of Sindarin that say “Maegnas is my name, I am the spider’s bane.” Includes display plaque with wood grain finish and Elven rune silk screen.

Price: $179.99 (Sting) Prices for Others Vary

1/6 Scale BL-1 Bruce Lee Statue Limited Edition

Price: $159.99

Lord of the Rings Weapon Replicas

A 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusive from Toy Tokyo/Funko! Funko celebrates Japanese super-robots with their Vinyl Invader series of deluxe vinyl figures! Gotham City’s protector Batman joins the Vinyl Invader series with this limited edition gray figure that recreates the Dark Knight in a Japanese Super Robot style! Standing 11″ tall, the Batman Vinyl Invader even comes in a super robot-styled display box, complete with Japanese kanji! Window box packaging. Limited to 480 pieces!

Price: $59.99

1/4 Scale Premium Format Darth Malgus

From the massive multiplayer online game title, The Old Republic, Sideshow Collectibles proudly introduces the Darth Malgus Premium Format figure. Presented in approximate 1:4 scale, the formidable commander of the Imperial Army is outfitted with detailed armor, a custom tailored fabric cape and signature lightsaber. Giving a dynamic and dramatic look at the darker side of the Force, the Darth Malgus Premium Format figure is crafted with exceptional attention to detail, an outstanding addition to any collection.

Price: $374.99

Halloween 2012 Walking Dead Dale & Female Zombie B&W Minimates Two Pack

A Diamond Select Release! Designed and Sculpted by Art Asylum! The Walking Dead comic book has reached its landmark 100th issue, and Diamond Select Toys is celebrating with an exclusive black-and-white two-pack of Walking Dead Minimates! Winter-Coat Dale and a Female Zombie come colored in shades of gray, in honor of the long-running black-and-white series. Each Minimate stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation and a variety of removable and interchangeable parts and accesories. Shipping in October 2012, just in time for Diamond’s Halloween ComicFest!

Price: $7.99

DC Heroclix Batman: Streets of Gotham – Countertop Display of 36 / Fast Forces 6-Pack

Batman and his allies battle for the soul of Gotham City in this all-new, stand-alone expansion series for DC HeroClix! Featuring over 40 different figures with all-new dial designs, Batman: Streets of Gotham includes popular sub-themes such as Birds of Prey, the Outsiders, and the WildC.A.T.s! Heroes like Hawk and Dove get all-new updates, while villains like Mr. Zsasz and Onomatopoeia make their HeroClix debuts! Display contains 24 single-figure boosters, plus four 3-figure “team packs”!

Price: $89.99 (set of 36), $15.99 (6 pack)

Vash The Stampede 1/8 Scale Figure

Price: $119.99

Outer Limits Creature Collection – Alien Thetan

Imported from Japan! There is nothing wrong with your PREVIEWS. It’s The Outer Limits Creature Collection Series! A true masterpiece of American science-fiction television drama, The Outer Limits began broadcasting in September, 1963, and each episode featured marvelous creatures and aliens that would challenge the mind! The Outer Limits Creature Collection accurately reproduces the creatures and aliens as a 1/8 scale collectible figure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to the Outer Limits, and it starts with the Alien Thetan! Window box packaging.

Price: $74.99

Frankenweenie Figures

Imported from Japan! Visionary director Tim Burton returns to one of his earliest works this winter with Frankenweenie, the tale of a young boy, Victor, who resurrects his dead dog, Sparky! This pack of Medicom Ultra Design Figures recreates Victor and Sparky as they appear in the film. Victor stands almost 7″ tall, and Sparky stands almost 2″ tall. Window box packaging.

Price: $37.99 (Set of Victor and Sparky)

MP-11S Masterpiece Sunstorm

This set includes the Coronation kit found on MP-11 Starscream and also features the Seeker mold modifcations. This version also comes with the collectible coin.

MP-11S Masterpiece Sunstorm measures 13” long in jet mode and 10” high in robot mode. Extensively articulated, the figure is equipped with arm-mounted removable guns, and should be accompanied by decals, missile accessories, and a missile-rack display base configured to support both robot and jet modes; presumably this version will include the same switch-between facial expression feature found in Masterpiece Starscream.

A flaw in the manufacture of Sunstorm’s fusion reactor provides him with the approximation of a transcendent glow, simultaneously causing him to emit terrific heat and electromagnetic waves which damage the internal systems of any fellow Decepticons within his vicinity. Barring the installation of elaborate shielding to contain his corrosive emissions, Sunstorm frequently works alone, and this solitude ostensibly fuels his conviction that he, Sunstorm, is in fact a supernatural being; when in the presence of others his professed supernatural status and subsequent pontifications only succeed in further alienating his teammates. Sunstorm reaches an atmospheric speed of 2400 km/h and 16000 km/h in outer space.

Price: $189.99

Tokyo Toy Show 2012 Exclusive Terrorcon Bumblebee

Price: $64.99

Transformers Prime Robots In Disguise Voyager Series 03

Price: $89.99

HD Masterpiece Terminator 2 – 1/4 Scale T-800 Figure

Terminator 2: Judgment Day, also known as T2, is a 1991 science fiction action movie. This is a sequel to 1984’s The Terminator. Terminator 2 was a significant box office and critical success.

It had an impact on popular culture, and is considered hugely influential in many different aspects. This is also one of the best movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger; we hope that we have created a great 1:4 scale collectible of Arnold T-800 for all the Terminator fans and figurine collectors around the world.

Price: $499.99

Transformers Prime AM-18 Airachnid

Price: $29.99

1/18 Scale F-18C VFA-86 Sidewinders

The Boeing F/A-18C Hornet, designed in the 1970s for service with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps, is a modern supersonic all-weather carrier, strike fighter jet. It was also designed to attack both aerial and ground targets. The primary missions of the F/A-18C included fighter escorts, fleet air defense, suppression of enemy air defenses, air interdiction, close air support, and aerial reconnaissance. The F/A-18C and its variants were used to support Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) with most of the missions operated from aircraft carriers.

Price: $179.99

EM Gohkin 01 – Blue Jet

Price: $109.99

E.T. 30th Anniversary Figures Series 02 – Set of 2

This assortment includes Telepathic E.T. with flowers and speak & spell accessories and Night Flight E.T. complete with removable blanket to re-create the bicycle flight w/ Elliot.

Price: $28.99 (case of 2)


Price: $47.99 (Dark Knight Rises Skeleanimal), 63.99 (Street Fighter X Hello Kitty)

Blue Lion & 3.75″ Princess Allura Figure Set

Voltron®, the fanboy-favorite 1980s series, mega-thrusts into the Matty atmosphere for the first time ever! For 2012, the Mattel Voltron line includes five Lions (black, green, yellow, blue, red) that form Voltron plus five Pilots in 3 ¾” scale (Keith, Pidge, Hunk, Allura, Lance). Collect all five Lions and you’ll have everything you need to build an enormous 23″ tall Voltron figure. Collect all the Pilots and each one will come with a piece that creates a Voltron Collect and Connect® ultra blazing sword!

Price: $84.99

Dark Knight Rises Batman 8″ Figure

Gotham City is running out of time, and as this epic movie trilogy comes to an end, there’s one more chance for the Batman™ to save the city that desperately needs him! This 8” figure arrives ready to take on the brutal Bane dressed in his Dark Knight outfit and features impressive endoskeletal articulation, a first for this line, as well as two Batarang options.

Price: $42.99

DC Universe Signature Collection Mirror Master

Here’s looking at you, kid. Evan McCulloch, nemesis to The Flash, isn’t interested in self-reflection… he’d rather use those shiny surfaces to trick and attack his enemies. This figure arrives ready to deflect and deceive with two Mirror Guns, each with open and closed shade options, and two detachable holsters.

Price: $29.99

Masters of the Universe Classics Sir Laser-Lot (30th Anniversary Series)

They say the secret to successful swordplay is in the twist of the wrist, and Sir Laser-Lot™ wields his weapons with stunning skill. He swiftly slices and dices enemies of Eternia® with his energy blade, proving himself a true and loyal servant to the King. Created by comic legend Geoff Johns for the 30th Anniversary series, the Sir Laser-Lot™ figure arrives armed with his Laser Sword, Laser Mace and Shield.

Price: $34.99

ParaNorman 4″ Figurine Series 01 – Case, Set, Singles

Voltron®, the fanboy-favorite 1980s series, mega-thrusts into the Matty atmosphere for the first time ever! For 2012, the Mattel Voltron line includes five Lions (black, green, yellow, blue, red) that form Voltron plus five Pilots in 3 ¾” scale (Keith, Pidge, Hunk, Allura, Lance). Collect all five Lions and you’ll have everything you need to build an enormous 23″ tall Voltron figure. Collect all the Pilots and each one will come with a piece that creates a Voltron Collect and Connect® ultra blazing sword!

Price: $124.99 (case of 12), $99.99 (set of 8), $11.99 (singles)

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