Ask Mattel – Answers for September 1st, 2012

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Wayne asks: By when can we expect to have the new 52 JLA complete?

Time will tell. Nothing to confirm now.



Justin asks: With mattycollector now consistently having essential Masters Of Universe Classics like He-Man and Skeletor available, what are the chances of us seeing the same treatment for the DC Universe line? Main Characters like Superman Batman, and Wonder Woman go for extreme prices on the secondary market.

Not likely. Those characters are widely available at retail.



Ismail Kaddoum asks: Is it really true that the ‘Movie Masters’ line is going to be cancelled? There were confirmed Man of Steel Movie Masters a while back!

Nope. No plans to end MM anytime soon.



Brandon asks: Since it is likely that the DCIE will be getting a thermometer for the 2014 edition, would it be possible to get a real-time thermometer (one that updates incrementally with each order) that is marked incrementally with some amount (it need not have numbers, but percentages would be nice) so that small chunks of progress would be visible? I think it would add legitimacy and help people feel like thier orders are having an impact.

We will certainly look into this.



Yeknomtaf asks: So Matty, I would assume I can speak for the majority when I say I am Totally excited for the new MOTUC Weapons Pak! (not to mention all the other goodies classics has coming!) Please for the love of Grayskull, tell me There is a chance you could execute something similar for DCIE like an accesory pak maybe featuring some of the Lantern constructs of yore (that you’re ever so stingy with) only done in other Lantern colors,(Katma Tui’s Blade in Purple for my Star Sapphires? YES PLEASE. Kyle Rayner’s Sword in Blue for DUH Blue Lantern KYLE! and a certain Nekron Accesory We’ve been patiently awaiting, and if by some miracle theres any “new tooling” in said budget howza’ bout some large constructs for Stel, Kilowog and Arkillo???

We currently don’t have enough DCU customers to justify this. If we had more sub holders we could. It is all based on sub sales and right now we are only at the bare min. Fans vote with their purchase!


That’s it for this round. The next round will be on September 17th 2012.

3 thoughts on “Ask Mattel – Answers for September 1st, 2012

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  2. Why haven’t we seen the milestone characters get any love figure wise? People like Static Shock, Icon, Hardware, Rocket and even the members of the Blood Syndicate are all great characters that we’d all really like to see in figure form soon! Thanks!

    • Here are a few reasons: 1) No one knows who these characters are anymore (if they ever did). Especially not “moms and kids.” 2) They can’t even get fans to buy comic books starring these characters, do you really think anyone beyond collectors will spend $20 on a toy? 3) These characters were never “hot”. Even when they all had monthly titles, these characters were never the buzz of the comic shop. If that’s not the truth, then why did all the books get cancelled years ago? By the way, I’m not hatin’ or trolling you. I actually liked these characters, and I think Hardware would be an awesome figure, but you gotta be realistic when you make these requests. We can’t get the Huntress, do you really think they’re going to make Tech-9?

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