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Here are the latest preorders and arrivals from BigBadToyStore.

BBTS Exclusive Dark Energon Deluxe Set of 4 with Bonus DVD

This BBTS Exclusive Set will include the following figures, as well as a bonus DVD:

Defender Wheeljack
Defender Bumblebee

Each of these translucent figures is the result of exposure to Dark Energon, which twists the mind and powers the body, eventually corrupting and destroying the user. With the Decepticons trying to use the Dark Energon to take over earth, Optimus Prime and the other Autobots are forced to expose themselves to it, so that they are able to take on the Decepticons on their own terms. Will they be able to defeat Megatron and his crew in time for Ratchet to reverse the process, flush the Dark Energon from their systems and save them from a horrid fate?

Price: $59.99

BBTS Exclusive Dark Energon Voyager Set of 2

This BBTS Exclusive Set will include the following figures: Defender Optimus Prime & Megatron. The translucent figures show the effects of Dark Energon infusion. Each fan-favorite character has unique paint schemes and the Autobots and Decepticons have taken on new faction logos: Autobot Dark Energon Defenders and Dark Energon Decepticons.

Price: $49.99

Exclusive Transformers Ultimate Gift Set

This set includes the following figures:
-Deluxe Combat Hero Optimus Prime – redeco of Deluxe G2 Optimus Prime
-Deluxe Jazz V2 – redeco of Deluxe Jazz
-Legion Motormaster – redeco of Legion Optimus Prime
-Legion Thundercracker – redeco of Legion Starscream

Price: $39.99

Django Unchained 8″ Action Figures – Case/Set/Single

From the highly anticipated new film from prolific director Quentin Tarantino – comes this collection of poseable 8″ figures with tailored fabric clothing – similar to the retro toy lines that helped define the licensed action figure market in the 1970s. These characters are faithful to their western looks in Django Unchained and includes the likenesses of such famous hollywood talent as Jamie Foxx and Leonardo Dicaprio. Characters included are Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson), Django (Jamie Foxx), Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), Butch (James Remar), and Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz). Each figure stands approx 8″ tall, with tailored western clothing, and authentic weapons and accessories.

Price: $24.99 (single), $159.99 (set of 6), $224.99 (case of 10)

Exclusive Wolf Pack Clone Troopers Ultimate Gift Set

This Ultimate Gift Set has everything you need for a truly spectacular battle between the 104th Battalion “Wolf Pack” and the “intergalactic” forces of evil! Your CLONE COMMANDER Wolffe, PLO KOON, CLONE TROOPER Sinker and CLONE TROOPER Boost figures are heavily armed and ready for payback for their fallen comrades! Two of the figures are armed with awesome blasters that launch projectiles. This set also includes Galactic Battle Game cards, bases and die!

Price: $39.99

Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Scale Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

Following the great response of The Dark Knight Rises movie and our movie-accurate collectibles, Hot Toys is proud to present the highly anticipated female character – the 1/6th scale Selina Kyle/ Catwoman Collectible Figure from this movie. The collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Anne Hathaway as the prominent character Selina Kyle/ Catwoman, highlighting the movie-accurate head sculpt, hair implantation, highly detailed costume and accessories.

Price: $179.99

Exclusive Henkei Ultra Magnus

We have this Asia exclusive Ultra Magnus, with white legs

Price: $79.99

Transformers TG Figures

The folks over at Takara are releasing a new TG (Takara Generations?) line of deluxes. The first two are Fall oof CYbertron versions of Optimus Prime and Jazz, and we expect that Takara will add different coloring and/or chrome to their versions.

Price: $37.99

APS-01 Asia Premium Series Striker Optimus Prime

This Optimus Prime figure features metallic paint, chromed parts, specially designed packaging and a bonus weapon.

Price: $189.99


Four new exclusive Arms Microns are soon to be released in Japan. These are red, yellow, green and pueple clear versions of Ratchet’s blade, and the four can fit together into a windmill-shaped Rainbow Shield.

Price: $29.99


Two new recolor sets of Arms Microns are also up for pre-order. The Autobot Set includes microns that originally came with Optimus, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide and Wheeljack, and the Decepticon sets includes microns from Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Airachnid and the Vehicon.

Price: $24.99


We also have listings for two new R/C Transformers. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee transform into Robot or Vehicle mode.

Price: $54.99


A bunch of new listings from Bluefin have just gone up. These include D-Arts Megaman w/ Rush & Met, Mermaid Thetis and Pegasus Kouga from Saint Seiya, three new Kamen Rider figures and others from One Piece, Gundam and Soul of chogokin.

Price: Varies

Perfect Model 12″
Wild Tiger

This new Tiger & Bunny figure is the first of a new line that incorporates LED lighting, composite resin and die-cast parts, additional articulation and more. The figure also includes bonus parts to recreate scenes from the upcoming “Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning” movie, a display stand, alternate hands and more.

Price: $299.99

Temple Guard
Sideshow AvP Mask Prop Replica

The line of “Alien Vs. Predator” mask replicas continues with this new piece. It includes red LED targeting lights

Price: $329.99

New ThreeA – 16″
Real Steel Midas

The “Gold Blooded Killer” Midas from Real Steel is coming to us in 1/6 Scale from ThreeA. This figure stands 16 inches tall and is fully articulated with light up eyes.

Price: $314.99

Figuarts Zero
One Piece Franky

The cyborg shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates accurately portrayed in the FiguartsZERO series, this high-detail PVC sculpt figurine hunkers down at a very broad and massive 13.5cm high and will come with a special interchangeable head part, as well as special display stand with character name and Japanese catch phrase.

Price: $49.99


Now in stock are three different cases of 12 for the 2012 vintage Star Wars figures: wave 2.5, 3 & 4.

Price: $119.99


We’ve received the following Arms Microns: AMW07 Arms Micron D, AMW08 Arms Micron E, AMW09 Arms Micron F.

Price: $7.99

Batman Black Costume 1/6 Scale ArtFX Vinyl Statue

Sculpted by Kouei Matsumoto, Batman Black Costume Version stands 11 inches tall (1/6th scale) on a special display base.

Price: $89.99

Hot Wheels Elite Cult Classics – 1:18 Scale Ecto-1

The Ecto-1 is the legendary vehicle that the Ghostbusters used to travel throughout the city busting ghosts. The vehicle used for the Ecto-1 was a 1959 Cadillac professional ambulance, built by the Miller-Meteor company and converted by Universal Studios. “GhostBusters” is the famous 1984 American comedy film about three eccentric New York City parapsychologists-turned-ghost exterminators.

Price: $114.99

S.H. Figuarts – Lunatic

The Blue-green flame manipulating “dark hero”, Lunatic joins the S.H.Figuarts series with fire effect parts, special bow-gun, and figure stand. It employs diecast for added weight and the set includes interchangeable hand parts (4 sets), cape (2 types), special display stand, bow-gun accessories (2 types) and effect parts.

Price: $54.99

Saint Cloth Myth EX – Pegasus Seiya (New Bronze Cloth)

The fifth Saint Cloth Myth EX figure represents the very first Bronze Saint in the series: Pegasus Seiya (New Bronze Cloth). The highly anticipated item represents a culmination of 8 years of research and development since the very first figure in the series, Pegasus Seiya, was released in 2003. The new Pegasus takes wing, fueled by the three pillars of the EX series: excellent poseability, exquisite sculpting, and expansive accessories! Figure set includes two types of armor parts for depiction of both normal and broken versions, object frame, interchangeable face parts (3types), and 4 sets of interchangeable hand parts.

Price: $74.99

Buster Machine DX Buster Hercules Set

This set includes BC-04 Buster Machine Buster Beet & SJ-05 Stag Beetle to form DX Buster Hercules.

Price: $119.99

Transformers Japanese Collection: Super-God Masterforce DVD Box Set

The Long-Awaited Japanese Transformers Series Available in North America for the First Time! Following their victory over the Destrons (a.k.a. Decepticons) at the end of the Headmasters series, the Cybertrons (a.k.a. Autobots) depart Earth, leaving behind only a small group to protect the planet from any future menace. But when the powerful Destrons return to an unsuspecting planet, the Cybertrons must come out of hiding to defend their human friends once again – only this time they’ll be unable to do it on their own! Super-God Masterforce is the unofficial Season 2 of the Japanese Transformers series, with Headmasters acting as Season 1. Packed with value for Trans-Fans, this set features all 42 episodes of the series on 5 DVDs, presented in the original Japanese language with new (and improved!) English subtitles. Also features a Transformers art gallery and other bonus features.

Price: $33.99

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