Ask Mattel – Answers for October 1st, 2012

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This was supposed to go up yesterday, but I was visiting a relative in the hospital most of yesterday and didn’t get the chance, so here you go. So let’s just jump right in, shall we?


Joker asks: Since the new DC Unlimited and Batman Unlimited figures will no longer feature a “collect and connect” figure, will the retail price end up being cheaper than DC Universe Classics, or will extra accessories be included with the new lines to justify the same price?

Neither actually. Raw material and labor costs continue to rise so removing the C&C element is our way of keeping costs around the same level.



Nathan asks: Next year during Club Infinite Earths, we’re only getting one oversized figure with Mallah. There doesn’t seem to be any more scheduled, and there are no more collect and connect figures either. So how/when will we be seeing more of the larger DC characters in figure form?

At this time there are no other larger character planned. We gave fans the opportunity to support more uniquely tool’d and larger characters with the 2013 sub sell in. We listed a second level on the meter that indicated the number of subscribers we needed to execute more unique tool characters (including oversized) and we did not get enough sub holders to do this. Fans literally vote with their purchase and at this time we don’t have enough fans/customers to offer this.



Trevor Williams asks: How does Mattel feel about people selling custom action figures using parts from Mattel products?

As long as they are one of a kind pieces of art that is pretty neat. Once fans step into production it may be a legal issue.



Winchester asks: Do you plan to make any more Arkham City figures, or has that well pretty much dried up?

Nothing to announce yet but stay tuned.



Justin Martinez asks: With the MOTUC roadmap changing to better suit the changing market, will variants like Laser Light He-Man and Skeletor be put on the back burner to make way for brand new characters?

It all depends on how many slots we get in 2014 and what figures fans want the most.

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