News – Figure of the Day Unexpectedly Closes Down

Figure of the Day.comIt appears as if the popular toy store website, Figure of the Day, is closing down. No reason is given as to why the store is closing, but they are currently selling off their domain name at $2,500.00 (or Best Offer) in place of any action figure today.

The store started out very strong and has steadily grown in popularity all throughout this year. This is in small part due to the fact that they most often have figures at cheaper prices than other stores, and offer free shipping. This may be the double-edged sword that spelled the store’s doom. Offering up product for cheap prices is great for consumers, but not so much for businesses. It’s likely that we’ll get an official statement explaining why the store is closing in the coming days, and if so then I will keep you all updated.

For now, continue after the jump to read what little information has been provided on the site’s closing.

We love our loyal fan base and customers who have rooted for Figure of the Day from day one! We are SAD that we have to say goodbye to the business, but most of all, to our community.

Here at Figure of the Day, we poured every DROP of PASSION into every sale that was made, every package that was packed, and every customer that entered our site, sadly, it was not enough. We have done all we can with the very small team and resources we have. Our dream was to expand and be the Nordstrom of the Pop Culture World, by giving GREAT customer service and LOW prices. Now we are offering a fan of the site a chance to take Figure of the Day to the NEXT LEVEL!

Our goal is that Figure of the Day’s domain stays within the Pop Culture community, but it is open to everyone. If you are interested in taking ownership of the domain, and would like further information about our business, traffic, revenue, and much more, please send an email to


What are your thoughts on this? Are you as saddened as I am? I know I’ll miss it.

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