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NECA Evil Dead 2 Henrietta Deadite Action Figure Horror Halloween Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell Army of Darkness
To celebrate Evil Dead 2’s 25th anniversary, NECA Toys has been steadily releasing action figures based on the movie. Up until now, they’ve all been variants of Bruce Campbell’s character Ash Williams. However, now we’re getting a brand new character in Henrietta. In the movie, Henrietta was portrayed by Ted Raimi, director Sam Raimi’s little brother. He had to be inside this torturous foam latex fat suit all day, and they reportedly had to frequently drain his sweat from it. That part has no bearing on this review, but if it grossed you out, then I’m just preparing you for this figure. It’s disgusting.

In the movie, Henrietta was the wife of Professor Knowby, the former owner of the cabin that Ash and crew get stuck in. He had read from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, or Book of the Dead. This released an ancient Evil Force that ended up possessing his wife Henrietta. Professor Knowby was forced to dismember her and lock her in the cellar to save his own life, and with the cabin full of people and the Evil Force stronger than ever, they now have to contend with the lady of the house.

So join me as I take a look a closer look at Henrietta!


PACKAGING– It’s the standard clamshell packaging NECA has been using for years. There’s really nothing special about it, but I suppose it makes good business sense to use the same style of packaging and only have to worry about changing out the paper inserts. If it saves them money and allows for them to make competitively cheaper figures, then I’ll for it. The figure is presented front and center, with accessories as well. We have the Evil Dead 2 logo up top, and the character’s name at the bottom alongside the iconic Evil Dead 2 skull. The back just has a quick synopsis of the movie and talks about celebrating the 25th anniversary of the movie, and has a creepy photo of the figure, and shows off other figures in the line. Simple, and gets the point across. 

SCULPT – This has to be, without a doubt, the most disgusting figure I’ve ever touched. It’s seriously gross, which is a compliment. It’s a perfect recreation of Henrietta from the movie. Henrietta is supposed to be a rotted possessed corpse by the time Ash has to deal with her, so that’s why chunks of her flesh are missing, and it looks like her skin is just bloated mush. She even has all the wrinkles and folds that this type of skin might have, and you can see her ribcage in her chest. Speaking of her chest, even that was recreated with horrifying accuracy. Anatomical accuracy, I mean.

The only bit of clothing still covering Henrietta is a torn up blouse that really doesn’t cover anything at all. The head sculpt is phenomenal, and looks just like Henrietta from the movie. One eye permanently shut, with a gaping maw that just screams “DEAD BY DAWN! DEAD BY DAWN!”. I’m not sure what else I can say about the sculpt. It’s NECA we’re dealing with, so it’s really not surprising that they managed to perfectly capture a movie character in figure form.



PAINT – This is another area where NECA knocked it out of the park. If the sculpt alone wasn’t enough to gross you out, the paint job sure will. The figure looks wet and disgusting, coated with layers of blood and various other fluids that secret from a dead body. There’s sporadic glossy clear coat on the figure to give off the wet disgusting look the corpse is supposed to have. The skin even subtlety grades to different colors, which is amazing. All the areas with chunks of flesh missing look like dark rotted mead, and the dripping and spattered blood looks beautiful (in the most disgusting way possible). The torn up blouse looks old and dirty, which is perfect. The head is yet again, a knockout. The darkened mouth, rotting teeth, blood covered face…it’s all perfect. The hair looks great too. Again, NECA really outdid themselves here.



ARTICULATION – Henrietta is surprisingly articulated. She has a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, floating ab joint, ball jointed hips, swivel-hinged knees, and swivel-hinged ankles. That’s a really good amount of movement for this character. In all honesty, her legs have more poseability than any of the Ash figures do, which is actually kind of unfortunate But anyway, all of her joints are tight and have a great range of motion. You can really get her body in that classic twisted Deadite pose, with the head tilted, the arms contorted and the body leaning back. I love it.

It’s also really interesting the way they connected the articulation. Her backside is missing a fairly good amount of flesh, and they managed to include an articulation point there to blend in it. It was really brilliant. She’s not the most poseable action figure out there, but I really think this is plenty for this character.



ACCESSORIES – Henrietta comes with a flight stand, and alternate head. The flight stand was a surprise, but is very welcome. It has a black base, and a clear stand that you plug into a hole in her back. It takes some force to really make sure the stand is in there, but once you have it, then she looks great posed with it. Considering Deadites love to levitate and float around, I’d say this was a must have accessory.

Her other accessory, the alternate head, is also very much appreciated. In the movie, Ash decapitates her with his new spiffy chainsaw hand, and a new head grows out of it. It has some similar features to Henrietta’s face, but is decidedly more monster looking, and has a freakishly long neck. Once again, NECA executed this perfectly. The face looks amazing (again in the most disgusting way possible), and the hair was done cleverly too. Instead of sculpting it, it has rooted hair, to recreate the very few strands of hair the head is supposed to have.

The neck is actually wire bendy and its poseability is really only limited by your imagination. They still managed to retain a ton of detail in the sculpt and paint of the neck, despite being wire bendy, and I applaud them for that. It really looks excellent. It plugs right into the neck, and doesn’t weigh the figure down when using the flight stand. It’s movie accurate and is a great addition to this figure.



FUN – I think this figure is a load of fun. Especially for being the first unique character in this line. Ash desperately needed some Deadites to kill, and this is perfect. The combination of the flight stand, the figure’s articulation, and the alternate head with wire bendy neck all add up to an incredibly fun figure. The fact that it’s gross to look at and touch adds to the fun, in my book. But then I live for this type of stuff.



QUALITY CONTROL – Nothing wrong with this figure.



OVERALL – This is a really great figure. If you’re a fan of the Evil Dead movies, you need this figure. This is a perfect representation of Henrietta. The sculpt is downright uncanny and the paint job makes it look realistic and even more movie accurate. She has plenty of articulation for the type of character she is, and combined with the flight stand she comes with, you can get some really dynamic posing out of her. The alternate head with long wire bendy neck really add another layer to the display options. If you’re not someone who is a fan of Evil Dead or horror movies at all, then obviously you won’t want this figure. But if you are, and you’ve been on the fence about picking this up because you weren’t sure about the poseability or accessories, then I’m telling you, you don’t have to worry. This figure honestly excelled my expectations, and they were already pretty high considering who made the figure. So overall, I recommend getting this.


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NECA Evil Dead 2 Henrietta Deadite Action Figure Horror Halloween Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell Army of DarknessNECA Evil Dead 2 Henrietta Deadite Action Figure Horror Halloween Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell Army of DarknessNECA Evil Dead 2 Henrietta Deadite Action Figure Horror Halloween Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell Army of Darkness

NECA Evil Dead 2 Henrietta Deadite Action Figure Horror Halloween Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell Army of Darkness

NECA Evil Dead 2 Henrietta Deadite Action Figure Horror Halloween Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell Army of Darkness

NECA Evil Dead 2 Henrietta Deadite Action Figure Horror Halloween Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell Army of Darkness

NECA Evil Dead 2 Henrietta Deadite Action Figure Horror Halloween Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell Army of Darkness


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