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Well, this Q&A was supposed to be for November 1st, but it seems I’ve gotten the answers in early, so I figured I’d put them up immediately. I don’t know if this means the questions you’re submitting for the November 15th round will be up sooner or not, but I’m assuming that one will stay on schedule. We’ll all see. The schedule usually gets messed up a bit after a convention. Anyway, onto the Q&A!
Tom asks: Was the Death figure/statute sold at 2012 SDCC successful enough for there to be more figures continuing in this direction?

It did very well but right now we can’t confirm any more plans. Still in the works.



Adnan richardson asks: Will Mattel ever make a new figure with the other halves of the wwe and world tag team belts?

Hopefully in time. Stay tuned!



Victor asks: I noticed in the reveals for Batman Unlimited and DC Unlimited that your female figures going forward will feature the same ab articulation that Star Sapphire did in the Green Lantern Classics line. On Star Sapphire, the joint only worked as a rotator. There was no ab crunch at all. Not even a little bit. will the future female figures using this point of articulation work exactly the same, or has it been modified so the joint can lean back and forth, imitating an ab crunch? If not, then why not modify it so it can? It sucks having figures that can’t use the ab crunch.

There is no one rule. Articulation is handled on a figure by figure basis.



Richard Thai asked: DC future cartoon movies, will you be releasing figures for them like Superman/Batman Public Enemies, i really like the cartoon look of superman reminds me of the superman animated series, is it possible to release 6 inch figures for old cartoons like Batman, Beyond beyond, Static shock ect…?

We don’t have plans right now but you never know!



IAmBatman asked: Can you give us any hint as to what design the Huntress figure will be based on? Judging on sculpt alone, it looks like it could be the Jim Lee Hush version, but it’s impossible to tell for sure with no paint.

We actually are still working on this. We hope to have info to post soon including a painted image!



Join us again for the November 15th Q&A session. If you’d like to ask Mattel a question for that round, just follow this link and leave your question as a comment there. I’ll pick 5 out of the bunch to be answered. All questions need to be submitted by 11:59 PM CST on October 31st, 2012. See you then.

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