Dallas Vintage Toys – Epic Tour

If you live in Texas, particularly the DFW area, and you’re a toy collector who is unfamiliar with Dallas Vintage Toys, then that is a travesty. Dallas Vintage Toys is easily the best kept secret in the metroplex. Unfortunately, secrets don’t make money. So I wanted to help get the word out. I’ve been shopping at Dallas Vintage Toys for a long time, ever since I stumbled across their website.

You have to travel to an office building, get on an elevator, and go up 6 floors to get to their store. It’s completely worth it though. They have all kinds of toys from the 70’s-90’s, and even some modern stuff. And their prices are really great. If you want to keep track of their updates, “like” their Facebook page. And be sure to check out this video below of an “Epic Tour” that some fan made, showing you all there is to see of Dallas Vintage Toys.

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