Ask Mattel – Answers for December 15th, 2012

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Matthew Cody asks: What can the fans of CIE do now to ensure a subscription offering for 2014?

They can support the day of sales for 2013 figures and if a sub is offered in 2014 they can support that.



James Roebuck asks: Is it possible to have more Fan Choice action figures for Club Infinite Earths?

More likely fan choice slots will be for a retail line. We don’t have plans for a fan’s choice on



Timb asks: What has mattel done, if anything to bring shipping prices down? I recently ordered 5 figures and paid $5 ups shipping from dc collectibles.

We are constantly looking into new shipping methodes and options.



King Tamusk asks: For the Four Horsemen: If the meteorbs were to be made in MOTUC, would you sculpt them so that they remain in a similar scale as the vintage version, or would they change in scale depending on the beast they represented? IE: The Rhinorb being the size of a rhino, Astro-Lion being the size of a lion, and all in scale with a standard figure.

Sorry, this Q & A is for Mattel, not the Four Horsemen vendors. We don’t have the Meterorbs planned at this time so their isn’t info to give!



Tom asks: Vixen was pictured on the packaging for the DCUC lines. Was she ever planned for a wave, and if so will we see her in either the 2013 or 2014 DCIE line up?

We do not have a Vixen figure planned at this time.


That’s it for this round. Join us again for the January 15th Q&A session, and be on the lookout for the form to submit your questions for that round soon!

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