Review – Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster – Robocop, NECA

NECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action Figure

NECA has been celebrating Robocop with its action figure line for a little while now. So far we’ve gotten three other versions of Robocop (including an homage to the old Night Fighter Robocop from the 80’s). This one marks the fourth, and I’m sure many fans will argue that this is the way NECA should have done Robocop the first time. By this point we’ve gotten so many versions of the main guy that it has fans telling NECA “Stop. Or there will be trouble”. No doubt, it would be great to get some other characters from the movie, but this version of Robocop is not to be overlooked. This one is like the original release of Robocop, except he has a spring loaded holster in his right leg, to match the movie.

So join me as I take a closer look at NECA’s Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster, and see if “I’d buy that for a dollar!”. I’m sorry, I’ll stop that.

PACKAGING – Robocop comes packaged in NECA’s standard blister style packaging. The Robocop logo is at the top, and the interior is adorned with inserts that match Robo’s armor. We also get a sticker on the front telling us that the figure “Features Spring Loaded Holster”, to help you tell right away which version you’re getting.

The back has more graphics matching Robocop’s armor, and let’s us know it’s Robocop’s 25th anniversary. Near the bottom we get a quick instruction guide telling us how to operate the spring loaded holster. Cool graphics, and informative.



SCULPT – This figure is about as perfect of a representation of the the movie design as you can get in his scale. The figure stands on a 7″ scale and looks great. All the armor detail and little gears and whatnot are sculpted amazingly. Matching it up with stills from the movie, it really shows that NECA did their homework when crafting this guy. All the detail is there, right down to the OCP copyright indentations.

The head sculpt has that great Peter Weller expression, and the helmet looks great. The only nitpick I might have regarding the sculpt is that due to the spring loaded feature in his holster, the tab that releases it is on the back of his thigh and quite literally sticks out. Since it’s on the back it’s not too big of a deal, but it certainly worth mentioning.



PAINT – The paint is an area that is less than perfect. There’s some definite silver paint bleeding onto the black of his visor on his helmet. I wouldn’t be so picky about this if it wasn’t the head, but the head is the focal point of any figure and was pretty noticeable right away. And truth be told, this was the best looking visor out of all the ones I was searching through on the peg.

The rest of the head looks good though, and we even have variations in the flesh tone on his face, making him look realistic. The rest of the figure is also painted quite well. There’s some great silver paint applied to the figure, and it gives off a very cool sheen when the light hits it just right that is reminiscent of the movie. There’s some slight airbrushing in some parts of the armor as well. All the black on the figure is painted glossy to match the movie, and is a great contrast to the silver.



ARTICULATION – Robocop has a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, single elbows, mid forearm glove rotators, floating ab joint, waist swivel, ball jointed hips, single knees, and ankle hinges.

All in all, it’s a really good amount of articulation. The shoulders, hips, and elbows are restricted some, but honestly it’s about as posable as Peter Weller was in the Robocop suit in real life, so I can forgive it. It’s also worth noting that the pistons on the back of his ankles move with the ankle, which I think is cool.

The floating ab joint has a lot of motion, allowing for deep rocking back and forth, and side-to-side. and you get the waist swivel gives you even more movement, maybe more than Peter Weller actually had now that I think about. I think that the articulation model he has is perfect for the character.



ACCESSORIES – Robocop includes two accessories. An alternate Data Spike hand, and his trusty Auto 9 pistol. The alternate hand is a great idea and a nice inclusion for this figure. It not only allowed him access to any computer he inserted it into, but it came in handy when taking down Clarence Boddicker. His pistol is a perfect match to the one used in the movie. It fits great into his gun hand, and the figure looks awesome holding it.



FUN – This figure is a lot of fun. I can’t always say that about NECA figures. They’re always great looking, but there’s almost never a huge amount of “fun factor” put into them, if that makes sense. But this one definitely has that.

The spring loaded holster is so awesome to mess with, and is definitely essential to having a great Robocop action figure. It pops open with the push of a button on the back of his thigh and the gun fits perfectly inside. You may have some difficulty at first getting it to fit right, but it will. To close it, you just push on the front piece, and the side piece closes automatically with it and it all clicks back into place. Very clever, I must say. I’m sure most people wouldn’t ever display their Robocop without the pistol in his hand, but it adds that extra level of fun and detail to the figure to have his working leg holster and I love it.



QUALITY CONTROL/THINGS TO WATCH OUT FOR – If you have the luxury, search for one with a great paint job, especially on the head. Also, watch out for his leg holster. It’s built very sturdy, but you just want to make sure you don’t break it. And make sure the gun is firmly in the holster before trying to close it, because if not it could mess it up.



OVERALL – “I LIKE IT!”. Ok, so I lied before. But I…I just had to. Anyway, I really do like this figure. He’s got some paint flaws on his head, and you have to contend with the button sticking out on the back of his thigh, but other than that I can’t really think of anything bad to say about the figure.

I’m sure some people will wish his articulation had a wider range of motion, and I can totally get that complaint. For me personally, I’m ok with it, since it makes it more accurate to how much Peter Weller could move in the suit. If you’re a Robocop fan, I think this a figure worth getting.

Some might point towards the Max Factory Figma Robocop as the ultimate Robocop figure, but if you want a great Robocop action figure that is also very inexpensive, I’d go with this one. Now NECA…give us an ED-209 and a Clarence Boddicker!



FINAL SCORE: 3.5 / 5



Where to buy:

  • Amazon currently has him in stock
NECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action Figure

NECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action Figure

NECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action Figure

NECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action Figure

NECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action Figure

NECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action Figure

NECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action Figure

NECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action Figure

Be sure to check out these extra photos below that couldn’t fit in the review.

NECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action FigureNECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action FigureNECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action FigureNECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action FigureNECA Robocop with Spring Loaded Holster Action Figure

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