News – Thundercats Officially Cancelled

Thundercats RIPThis is sad news indeed. The show was really good, and I was having fun collecting the toys. But it seems that both the toy lines and the cartoon have officially been cancelled. It’s not incredibly surprising, because Bandai hasn’t shown off anything new in a long time. They had nothing at Toy Fair last February, and nothing at SDCC either. There’s no telling what this means for future Thundercats figures. Will Bandai keep the license, or will it go to someone else? Nobody is sure right now. A lot of fans are hopeful that Bandai Japan will make S.H. Figuarts of the Thundercats, but that may be a pipe dream at best.

For the full story of the Thundercats cancellation, head on over to Toy News International. They have the full scoop.

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