Review – Elasti-Girl – DC Universe Signature Collection, Mattel

DC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From Mattel

Say what you will about Mattel as a company, but one thing they seem to be doing right with the DC Comics license is their character selection. Outside of things like Minimates, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more diverse character selection than I have with DC Universe Classics. It’s been especially true ever since they’ve started the DC Universe Signature Collection for their Club Infinite Earths online subscription. They’re really trying to give fans the characters they want to complete all the teams they started years prior.

And with the release of Elasti-Girl, fans now have the complete Doom Patrol in their collection (sans Niles “The Chief” Caulder of course [the one shown in the photos is a custom by me]). So let’s take a closer look at the last team member to join the Doom Patrol in DCUC form.


PACKAGING – Elasti-Girl comes in the standard designed packaging for the DC Universe Signature Collection. It’s basically a window box, but bigger to accommodate her larger size. It gives us the brand logo at the top, with Elasti-Girl’s name at the bottom. The back gives us a new beautiful painting courtesy of Mike Thompson, as well as a bio for Rita Farr.


SCULPT – Rita’s sculpt is quite elegant. She’s well proportioned, unlike a lot of other DCUC female figures. Her arms and legs are the right size compared to her body, and she generally looks how you’d want an Elasti-Girl figure to look.

Her outfit is a short dress in the comics which is pulled off nicely here. Her belt sits over her stomach, with the skirt of the dress laying down after that. There’s some nicely sculpted wrinkles and folds in the skirt that help add detail. She also has some folds in the cuffs of her gloves. Elasti-Girl has two open hands, no doubt for grasping at her foes. She has no weapons to hold, so I see this as being ok. Her head sculpt is quite beautiful. It’s a good representation of the comic book art and fits in great with the other figures in the line.

She reminds me of a classic actress from the 50’s. To me, she actually looks like Grace Kelly. I don’t know if she’s supposed to, but she does. Her hair is kept back with a hair band, and has some great detail sculpted in. It’s pulled straight near the band, and slowly becomes wavy as it hangs from her head. It’s easily one of my favorite female head sculpts in the line so far.



PAINT – Rita’s paint applications, for the most part, are done well. A large part of the figure is in flesh tone, as her arms and legs are mostly bare. There’s no extra air brushing here unfortunately. I wish there was something with all that flesh tone, but it doesn’t really look bad. There’s no paint bleeding around her boots or gloves. Her dress seems to be painted well too. As far as I can tell, her skirt is just cast in red, while her torso is of course painted. There’s some clean lines separating the white from the red.

About the only problems I can find with the paint is on her head. She has quite a few paint flaws around her face. Near her hair line you can see where some brown paint is bleeding onto her forehead. She also has a tiny splotch of paint near the bridge of her nose, and a thin line of brown paint above her left eyebrow. Sometimes I can forgive paint flaws, as long as their not on the head. That’s the focal point of any figure, so any flaws there are going to be noticeable, and boy are they noticeable.

Her hair looks great though, with some really nice looking dry brushing that really brings out the sculpt. Her eyes are also really nice. They’re cleanly applied and look great. If it wasn’t for the flaws on the face, I would probably have nothing bad to say about the paint.



ARTICULATION – She has a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, bicep swivels, single elbows, wrist rotators, mid-torso ab cut, ball jointed hips, thigh swivels, single knees, and ankle hinges.

For such a large figure, you definitely want tight joints for balancing, and she has that. All the joints work really well, and she balances with ease. You can get her into just about any kind of action pose you’d need for a display with Mattel’s articulation model for these figures.

The one “crucial” articulation point missing from her is an ab crunch. She does have a cut in the middle of her torso, but all it does is swivel. Not even a hint of back and forth motion. It helps the sculpt look more flush, but I’d be lying if I said I’d prefer she have the ab crunch. Or at least make this torso cut rock back and forth. Other than that, her articulation is solid.



ACCESSORIES – Elasti-Girl only comes with one accessory: a smaller version of Elasti-Girl! Rita’s powers allow her to shrink or grow at will, so it makes sense that we’d get a tiny version of her. It certainly isn’t something I’d deem incredibly necessary, but it’s definitely a nice added bonus for the figure.

The tiny figure is completely immobile, but for its size doesn’t look too bad, sculpt wise. Paint wise it’s a mess. A lot of mess and splotches around her torso and shoulders. Being so small these flaws aren’t really noticeable unless you’re looking up close, or unless you have a camera with a great macro lens, ha ha. It’s cool to have, and would look nice hanging out with the tiny version of the Atom for sure.



FUN – Being an action figure of a fairly ordinary looking girl, I’d say this is a pretty fun figure. If one were to come across this with no knowledge of her or the Doom Patrol, they might find it a bland figure, since her outfit isn’t exactly the most ostentatious superhero getup out there. But the articulation allows for some great posing, and it’s just so awesome to finally have a complete Doom Patrol. So yeah, that definitely adds to the fun factor for me.



QUALITY CONTROL/THINGS TO WATCH OUT FOR – Paint flaws on her face. Other than that, nothing.



OVERALL – Elasti-Girl is a good figure, definitely. She has a great sculpt that blends in perfectly with the line. She has some paint flaws on her face, and some missing paint apps on her arms and legs. She’s also missing an ab crunch in favor of a mid-torso swivel. Those are definitely some things that bring the quality of the figure down for me, because Elasti-Girl is a long overdo figure in this line.

DC Universe Classics ended with many teams that Mattel had started uncompleted. Fans weren’t sure if they’d ever be, until we saw the lineup for the DC Universe Signature Collection. Now Mattel is attempting to bring the fans the most demanded characters out there, a lot of whom are there to complete those teams.

If you’re not a very die hard DC fan, you may not have much interest in this figure, and if you don’t have the other members of the Doom Patrol, you may feel better not getting this one. However, If you’re a fan who wants as many DC characters as possible, or are a fan of the Doom Patrol in particular, then Elasti-Girl is definitely worth picking up despite the flaws.








Where to buy: This figure originally sold on, and is now sold out. But you can find her at the following online retailers:

DC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From Mattel

DC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From Mattel

DC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From Mattel

DC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From Mattel

DC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From Mattel

DC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From Mattel

DC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From Mattel

DC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From Mattel

The Doom Patrol

Be sure to check out these extra photos below that couldn’t fit in the review.

DC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From MattelDC Universe Signature Collection Elasti-Girl Action Figure From Mattel

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