New Customs – Life Sized Mortal Kombat Prop Replicas

Hey guys! Got some new customs for you this week. However, instead of custom action figures, I have three custom prop replicas for your viewing pleasure. It’s my first foray into this territory, and was incredibly challenging, and a blast to do. I learned a lot working on these props and hope to continue being able to do similar things in the future.

All three props are based on the video game series Mortal Kombat. I was tasked with creating a light-up fireball that could be made to look as if it was shooting from your hand, similar to Liu Kang, a light-up ice ball with the same stipulation, similar to Sub-Zero, and a completely posable chain with a spear head on the end that could also be made to look as if shooting from your hand, similar to what Scorpion uses. Just click on each photo below to go to the corresponding page and check out the full photo spreads for each prop, as well as a TON of WIP photos for each and lengthy descriptions retelling the entire processes.

I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for looking.

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