News – Masters of the Universe Classics Spotted at Wal-Mart

A thread over on the forums has been posted of someone finding an endcap full of Masters of the Universe Classics Roboto and Gygor figures at a Moreno Valley, California Wal-Mart. This photo was speculated by many to be fake, and with good cause since this is unannounced from Mattel. However, user Dredgen posted a second photo of the figures he purchased, along with a receipt. So it seems clear that he did in fact find MOTUC figures at a Walmart.

Apparently Roboto was selling for $16.97 and Gygor was selling for $24.97. It is yet unclear why Wal-Mart is selling these since these figures are supposed to be online exclusives through Mattel’s website. What’s stranger is that this Walmart is selling the figures for much cheaper than Mattel originally sold them for.

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Now a few people on and the Mattycollector forums have stated that Scott Neitlich, AKA Toy Guru has said that Mattel would be looking to 3rd party retailers to get rid of some 2012 overstock to make room for 2013. This could be a result of that, but anyone from Mattel has yet to make an official statement on this. It’s possible that we can be seeing this in several Wal-Marts across the country, or just localized in California. That is right where the Mattel HQ is, after all.

Hopefully someone from Mattel will make a statement soon. Thanks to the folks at the Masters of the Universe Classics Facebook fan page for the heads up.

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