News – Toyguru responds to MOTUC Being Sold at California Walmart

Last week, it was reported that Masters of the Universe Classics figures were being sold at a Walmart in California. Mattel Brand Manager Scott Neitlich (AKA ToyGuru) has finally responded to why this is happening.

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Took us a few days to get to the bottom of this one. Bottom line is these items were not sold to WMT. They appear to be at only one single location and this WMT aquired them on the secondary market from a third party. Mattel did not set up this end cap or this promotion. There are no plans for MOTUC to be distributed at retail at this time. Maybe the toy aisle manager is a big MOTU fan. Not really sure, but this is not a Mattel program. That i can confirm.

That’s all the response for now. Perhaps there will be something further in time. I don’t know if they plan to contact that Walmart’s manager and ask where they got the product or not, but for now it seems confirmed that Mattel didn’t facilitate this. Thanks to for the initial report. If you’d like to join in their fan discussion about this, just click here. Also, feel free to discuss in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

2 thoughts on “News – Toyguru responds to MOTUC Being Sold at California Walmart

  1. For me, this doesn’t make sense. I agreed with the fan theory that Mattel was clearing their warehouse of old stock, because that seemed like the most logical solution. But if the manager bought all these from the secondary market, then he would probably be losing a lot of money . I mean, Roboto and Gygor are going for more than 16 and 20 something dollars on eBay, so whoever bought, like, 30 of each would be losing a ton of money.I don’t believe it.

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