New Custom Action Figures – DCUC Alfred Pennyworth, Arkham City Bruce Wayne

Hey guys! The new custom action figures for this week are are a 6″ DCUC style Alfred Pennyworth, and an Arkham City style Bruce Wayne. The Alfred figure is partly inspired by his look from Batman the Animated Series, but ultimately made to blend in with the other DCUC figures. Bruce Wayne is of course inspired by his design in Batman: Arkham City, and is made to fit in with the other DC Collectibles or Mattel Arkham City figures. Just click on each photo below to view the full photo sets and descriptions.

Also, each custom is currently for auction on eBay! If you’re interested in owning either figure, then please feel free to bid. If you know someone who is interested, then pass the links along! Here are the eBay auction links for each custom:

Alfred Pennyworth

Bruce Wayne

As always, thanks for looking!

2 thoughts on “New Custom Action Figures – DCUC Alfred Pennyworth, Arkham City Bruce Wayne

  1. Nice work. I’m hoping DC makes an Arkham Bruce figure. They are skipping too many great central characters to make figures of the small side mission characters for some reason. Of course, DC has been neglecting figures in general in the past year.

    • I’m actually cool with all the characters they’ve made. I’m hoping they continue though, I want figures of everyone who appeared in the game. We still need Hugo Strange, and Clayface and Solomon Grundy are MUSTS for sure.

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