News – MOTUC Fang Man Packaged Shots & Explanation of January Charges

Masters of the Universe Classics Fang Man Mattel Packaged FrontMattycollector just revealed on their Facebook page, the packaged shots for the upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics Fang Man action figure. In addition to this, they also sent a quick explanation over the January subscription charges. Many people were surprised at how much January turned out to be when they saw their credit card statements, and here Mattycollector offers a quick explanation, and promises to have a full explanation soon.

Check out the Fang Man packaged shots and read Matty’s explanation after the jump.


Toy Fans,

Just got in a packaged sample of our March 2013 MOTUC figure Fang Man, the next in hopefully a long line of Filmation inspired characters!

Also, we have heard from some fans on confusion over some shipping and product charges for their Jan figures. To clarify, this is because members already paid a “sign up fee” back in summer 2012 to be a member of the club. Although originally this fee was intended to cover the “sub only figure” (in the case of Club Eternia and CIE, Club Black Freighter does not have a sub only fig) due to logistics invovled behind the scenes the fee needed to be applied instead to the first figure that shipped (the Jan figs) We’ll get a full explanation posted ASAP so you know how much you need to have avail to cover upcoming figures. There won’t be any change to the total you pay, it may just be charged a little different than originally announced. But know we are well aware of the slight confusion and it will be easliy clarified later today.

After that it is full speed ahead into an amazing 2013!

Enjoy the latest pics that came in an hour ago!


Masters of the Universe Classics Fang Man Mattel Packaged Front

Fang Man ready to join your collection!

Masters of the Universe Classics Fang Man Mattel Card Back

Fang Man’s back! Well really, he is here for the first time.

4 thoughts on “News – MOTUC Fang Man Packaged Shots & Explanation of January Charges

  1. Wow. Someday, Mattel might learn how to tell people about changes like that ahead of time. There were two reasons why I’ve never been able to be a subscriber. 1> The “all-in” was the only option, and it’s a damned expensive option for someone like me. 2> I could never guarantee that the amount of money needed for each month would be available, especially when the changes seemed at the time to be constant. Sigh.

    • Well Nobody was actually charged any more this month than they were expecting, but the invoice from Mattel made it seem that way. It’s hard to explain and honestly I’m still confused about it, but I did the math and my card was charged only the amount it should have been.

      But to be fair, at the beginning it wasn’t an all-in sub for MOTUC. The fans demanded an all-in sub, so Mattel changed it…for the fans. And now the fans are complaining about it. It’s an interesting dichotomy.

      • Yeah, I know it was fan-demanded.. I hated every second of it. Those that are complaining about it now are suffering from the very same problems that I initially warned about. Such are the curses of being skeptical. Hehe. That said, I don’t regret turning down the all-in subscriptions. There are several examples in each year of figures that I really, really wouldn’t have wanted to own. That, along with the recurring QC problems (often negligible but still issues in a higher-priced toyline) have reassured me that I did make the right decision back then to bow out. I just hate looking at this line and seeing what could have been.

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